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Outdated Health Dispenser 1.4.1

craftable machine that heals player automatically

  1. limited max projectile amount to decrease issues

    -maximum spawnable particles are now limited to 100, this means max. healing per pulse is 1000; this is here to prevent issues with obnoxious high health values of modded armors (and to not get a memory leak)
  2. recipe now tier one, mod comes in modpak

    -recipes are now Tier 1, this means that you can also use the mod at an old save without having to remake the Tier2 blueprints
    -changed folder structure to support mod packing
    -mod now comes in a .modpak file

    don't forget uninstalling old versions first!
  3. NPC healing, fixed multiplayer, code documentation

    -now heals also NPCs
    Now you can finally save those stupid buggers, even though they aren't worth it:
    -fixed multiplayer support (at last, I hope)
    -added code documentation
  4. Tabula Rasa Support

    -added Tabula Rasa support
  5. New Look, some fixes and Half Life Charger sounds!

    -changed design a bit(thanks to Alpha_Stev0 for the great suggestions!)
    -added a wall-mounted version
    -added the Half Life health charger sound for healing!
    -increased scanning height, this means that the center of healing is now the center of the object, so you can stand on top of it and will still get healed and won't get healed when you stand a floor beneath it
    -removed silverbars from receipt and instead added an additional 5 goldbars

    new default skin:
  6. multiplayer support and new sprite colors

    -Added basic multiplayer support now, the player with the lowest health ever gets healed first, all players use the same energy pool, this means that the more hurt players leech health the quicker the machine goes empty. Please report any issues you find!

    -I changed the sprite colors a bit and toned down the white, feedback is highly appreciated!
    New sprite:
    new: healthdispenserforum.png old: healthdispenserforum_old.png