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Harvester Beamgun Redux v2.21 (p1.2)

Mass-harvest crops using a harvester beamgun!

  1. Patch 1.2

    Updated for new patch.
  2. Update Fix

    Just fixes
  3. 1.0 Update

    Updated for release. New build path, no other particular changes.
  4. Glad Giraffe

    Updated for Glad Giraffe. The Beamgun now fires a proper beam too.
  5. Uranium

    Apparently not a thing anymore. You find native plutonium, not uranium? The half-lives, Chucklefish, they don't add up.
  6. Pleased Giraffe

    Updated for Pleased Giraffe. Now waters all the crops it hits as well.
  7. Bugfix

    Realized that putting the gun away with crop drops in transit could sacrifice them to the void. Now you'll get them, if slightly out of sync visually.
  8. Auto-collection and Tree felling

    The beam-gun will now attempt to collect all the dropped crop items. At the moment, will suck all item drops near the crops into the character, since I can't look into the drop pools directly.

    Annual crops will be also be re-planted automatically, if possible.

    The beam-gun will now cut down trees and vines, and even attempt to replant the trees from dropped saplings. This part might be a little buggy, but I'm not sure why yet, sometimes the saplings just fail to plant. Usage on...