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Gyrusens+ [v1.8.6]

Alien reptile race from distant lands, and more! (No longer requires Airless Dungeons!)

  1. Weekly Tweakly

    Got a small tweak for y'all today!

    + Added 3 more Color Palettes for the gyrusen's scale color
    Re-introduced the "inverted" color of each existing color (giving a minor hue variation in the process), and introduced a "washed" color palette which feels a little more natural, alongside its respective "inverted" color palette.

    "Original" Red
    "Original Inverted" Red
    "Washed" Red
  2. Hawtfix: Voidum stuff

    A small hotfix reenabling Voidum Darts in the Rocket Dispenser crafting table.

    That is all.

    Have a good one!
  3. Supra Updaet Broos: Village Edition!

    .Got some goodies for y'all today!

    +Gyrusen Village: It's finally finished! After a few grueling weeks of procrastination and much though, it's finally up and running! The village contains a much more general feel of what the Mini Dungeons and the GSF Base offer, along with alot of unique structures, NPCs, and items! I won't go too much into detail about what they have and what it looks like, but all I will say is that they're relatively easy to find in Garden/Lush biomes!

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  4. ATTENTION: Next update scheduled for Feb. 29th of the next leap year!

    Jk I wouldn't do that <3

    Srsly though, tossed out a small patch since me and my partner are still working on the village among other things (so it's gonna take a while to push out, but soon enough, I promise!). I can say now that uni has toned down due to finals being near over, I can dedicate a little more time to the mod and its updates and such.

    Anyway, these updates/patches include:

    + Gyrusenic Altar access with Tier 4 armor: The Altar is no longer locked by bladed weapons...
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  5. Bug awareness with the new updates

    Hey guys! Gyrruss here.

    I'd like to tell you guys that due to the new updates, certain NPCs have stopped working/spawning. I'm currently working on this and plan to push it with the Village update, it shouldn't take too long now! As well, the "Gyrusen Energy Door" is kinda broken as it doesn't allow for you to walk through it despite being open (fixed this already, just need to push the update). If you guys find any bugs, do let me know!

    I'm sorry for the deadness of the mod, but real life...
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  6. Fffffffffffff

    Accidentally released the build that replaced the Natural Caves within Garden planets with a very beta gyrusen village. So much for teasers!

    I've fixed the issue, but this isn't really much of a big deal since it only affects garden biomes. You can redownload if you don't want to see the empty beta villages and instead have the natural caves!
  7. Quick patch!

    Thanks to the keen eye of Cheezemaniac and Timo3681 we managed to fix a quick issue with the tiles. It shouldn't break your game now, hopefully!

    If any more errors occur don't hesitate to toss 'em to me thought inbox or through the discussion board!

    Have fun!
  8. Small patches

    Some small stuff I found to patch up:

    + Fixed crops altogether along with the food items.

    + Fumigated bed bugs from gyrusen beds to avoid crashing again.

    + Fixed Post-Tier 4 progression:
    • I had accidentally forgotten to add tier 5 through 8 ship structure files, so if you've already upgrade up to Kestrel(?) licence you will need to go into admin mode and spawn a Tier 5 ship upgrade ( /spawnitem shipT5 ). If you're running the mod in a server, request the admin owner of it to...
  9. Alot of cleanup!

    I think it's safe to say the conversion from the merge to patch format is pretty much complete!

    This patch cleans up alot of the old data left over from the previous versions that have either been accidentally forgotten, or deliberately left for other days:

    + GSF Databank:
    • The GSF Databank system is back, baby! With the databank and its items fixed, this brings up a few things I'd like to cover real quick: due to how recipes are unlocked with this item, it serves as an emulation...
  10. Rebalances & Updates !

    Eiloh! Glad to see you all again!

    Dropping a small patch-up to cover a few things:

    Armors and weapons:

    + Armors have been rebalanced, but this time to suit different playstyles! Once you unlock the Gyrusenic Altar and the first set of seals (Lightning is unlocked by default, which unlocks the rest after crafting one Lightning piece of weaponry), Wind, Fire, and Water seals will become available, followed by Earth, Curse, and Order seals respectively. Here's how it all breaks down;...