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Gyrusens+ [v1.8.6]

Alien reptile race from distant lands, and more! (No longer requires Airless Dungeons!)

  1. Faintly Fixing

    Another daily hotfix! This time around I tackled some minor issues with new keywords, which affected the following:

    +/- Fixed Portal crashing: Some keywords were tossed about and with some new changes, things have been crashing! Dealt with these new changes (really, just changed 3 words...), and now the portals SHOULD be working to order. If you encounter any more anomalies than you can handle, send me a PM!

    +/- Fixed issue with armors triggers: Polished that shiny steel armor now, and now...
  2. Softly Tweaking

    A quick fix! Thanks to the chaps at the discussion board I managed to find out some small issues.

    +/- Fixed the tutorial quest line's wrong format: I had accidentally forgot to finish off the new quest format, a single word was making the entire thing crash upon turning in the Gyr Data Patch onto SAIL. It should be fixed now, I do apologize for any materials wasted due to this issue!

    +/- Change alien liquid to slime liquid: With the removal of the Alien Juice liquid (I...
  3. Quikficks

    Just a quick little fix!

    - Removed the Rowki's ability to riftwalk between dimensions, so now it behaves normally, save a tad grumpy.

    + Confirmed that ores are spawning, however have not confirmed that ores are spawning on the background just yet.

    + While I have not first-hand encountered a dungeon yet (I've been extremely distracted), I have verified the Starbound build files and nothing seems to be different, so I'm expecting it to remain the same as before.

    > Weapon rebalance and...
  4. Generic Update Title

    Hey guys! Sorry I've been away for so long, things have been getting pretty busy, and looks like I have some work cut out for me as well with all these updates.

    Right now I started working on the main crashing issues, specifically caused by the old quest format which have been dealt with fairly quickly!

    While the mod still needs some polishing due to some of these new changes, the mod remains fairly playable, if anything slightly underpowered compared to what I have tested with.

  5. Cancel the funeral, there's an update!

    Back from a well-deserved summer break!

    Just some minor updates and fixes I noticed while doing a normal, non-admin playthrough! It's been a while...

    Anyway, here's the good stuff!


    +/- Switched Rubium/Impervium armor recipes
    While playing through I spotted this small error, the Fire and Cursed sets got accidentally mixed up! Fire will now take Rubium and Cursed will take Impervium, as it's supposed to. This should make progression a little easier!

    +/- Added...
  6. Hotfixing!

    +/- Fixed a few colors that were slightly off in the female body frame image.

    +/- Fixed the GSF Backup Drone Console making the Log cranky due to missing glow frame files.

    That is all! Have a good one!
  7. Mega Update! [Hot!]

    Here's the update we've been hyped up for! This time around, we bring you tons and tons of new goodies and things to do! I'll cut the fluff and go straight at it, so here's the list of the new stuff!

    + Gyrusen Starter Pet
    The Gyrusens now have a wonderfully adorable new starter pet called Rouki! They come in various colors (and textures), so take care of them, play with them, and watch the dorky lizard puppies run around in curiosity!

    + New prizes...
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  8. Dungeon Hotfix!

    Due to technical issues, I've restricted the gyrusen village to only spawn within lush/garden planets, as the massive size of it blocks of any potential minidungeons to spawn in (so we assume) in any other planets.

    I apologize for the inconvenience to you guys and to any other modders that may have had any potential problem with this. Hopefully this will make minidungeons and other dungeons spawn in other planets!

    Shoutout to the guys at the Starbound Modding IRC group for the help!
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  9. An amalgamation of patches!

    This update contains a little bit of everything!

    + Sprite Polish (1/3):
    Starting with the sprites! For now, I've fixed some horn styles, and my partner redid the Hexorb sprites. Later on we'll work on the more intensive stuff since we have a little bit on our hands.

    + Custom chat with Villagers
    Vanilla npcs now have custom dialogue with gyrusens! And Gyrusen NPCs have had their dialogues expanded a little bit as well, so now interaction should feel a little bit more unique throughout your...
  10. While working on the Ship and Sprite polish...

    I managed to work on some more technical aspects of the mod, found some things that were broken or out-of-date and managed to iron them out.

    + Tweaked Minidungeon Generation and Distribution File
    I took notice that the Distribution file felt a little broken or simply it was too scarce to do anything, so I switched it over to the default one. Alongside this fix, I tweaked the generation of minidungeon structures to spawn a little bit more than regular encounters. You should now be able to...