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Gyrusens+ [v1.8.6]

Alien reptile race from distant lands, and more! (No longer requires Airless Dungeons!)

  1. Rise of the Jyin update! Also Halloween Week Update!

    "The jyin have become more than a pestilence, they have evolved into one of the most, if not the most devastating force gyrusens have ever encountered. Four generations of evolution have made them stronger and much more adaptive, which is why we need to strike, before it's too late."
    - Anonymous,...
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  2. A mysterious update has appeared...

    Eiloh! Got a bit of an update for y'all

    + A Mysterious Entity


    What is it? What does it want?! The GSF only knows that it resides in the Voidum Dimension! There are also peculiar refurnished items in the Voidum loot pools, so start findin' and get lootin'!

    +/- Fixed Voidum Glowing Block glow
    Noticed they have changed the way blocks glow, and have changes these accordingly....
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  3. Hotfix-o-tron Mk.9000

    Some hotfixes:

    +/- Fixed a stray color in the Gyrusen Settlement
    A stray color was keeping the map from spawning. Works now!

    +/- Tweaked the City's NPCs
    Did a small change on the NPCs, now the city NPCs are different and have slightly tweaked dialog to accommodate for being in a different area. You should probably delete the unique-gyrcity world file if you wanna see some minor differences, but it's nothing too different.

    +/- Fixed rest of the Merchant's list
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  4. Nice shot! Reload!

    Eiloh everybody! Got a minor patch for y'all today!

    +/- Sped up the GSF gun bullets
    After someone mentioned they were fairly slow it caught my attention and decided to try them, and indeed they felt slow. I went ahead and compared them to the vanilla files and tweaked them behave similarly to before, only just more sped up! Now you can shoot all them baddies without issues!

    + Added the Seething Ouron Lance
    What is it? Nobody knows! The only piece of hint is that it lies in the Sky...
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  5. Re-adding the Village, File changes, and Policy changes!

    Hey guys, got another update for ya!

    + Re-introduced the City
    That's right, the huge city is back! The city is still in a beta state, and will be subject to changes sometime soon; don't plan on building anything you want to keep on it! It's also worthy to mention that this village is a persistant but editable world, so it will always be saved on your system and whatever you do in it will stay like that (much like the Pocket...
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  6. Villagin' and Pillagin'


    Another update, this time with a small redesign towards the gyrusen village! Due to some issues, the gyrusen village has been out of commission, until now... sort of.

    I've added some sort of variety to it, which include:

    + Changed the main village into 3 parts: The main village will no longer exists on its own in a planet, however it has been split into various parts which will be explained below:

    + Gyrusen Settlement: A small settlement will spawn randomly...​
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  7. Swiftly Sweeping

    Quick little bugfix!


    +/- Fixed Buster/Radiant Bow charge attack scaling: Now powered-up shots should deal more damage, as they should! Also, the Radiant Bow (for those who have it) should no longer crash you.

    +/- Fixed known crashing issue: A guard file was missing a comma and crashing the game sporadically, fixed that and now it should no longer crash!

    If you experience any issues or bugs with any of the content, let me know!

    Have a good one!
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  8. Sloppily fixing what was still broken


    Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been a little ill as of late and distracted by other games, but I'm back with another update! This time around I've addressed issues with the NPCs, albeit I'm far from fixing them, as their behavior is... pretty annoying at times.

    Here's the rundown:

    +/- Fixed villagers: Villagers should now be working as intended with the new Tenant system.

    +/- Fixed merchants: Merchants are working, however the tenant system will make them fairly...
  9. Hawtpatch!

    Quick patch thanks to the awesome peeps at the discussion board!


    +/- Fixed the Gyr. Cookin Table: Tinkered with the heat settings, your table shouldn't blow up and char your food! (Dang keyword changes...)


    ? Dimensional Loop Issue: This is less of a fix and more of an observation/warning that is somewhat out of my reach; placing any Dimensional Link portal while inside a Pocket Dimension will result in the exit Portal of the Pocket Dimension tossing you...
  10. Tweaking intensifies

    Fixing s'more outdated values!

    +/- Rebalanced Armor: Changed armor values to match somewhat of the current ones. However, changes are not final and will be submitted to some refinement! They should feel more true to their purpose though!

    +/- Rebalanced Weapons: Tweaked a bit the melee weapons so they scale properly, still keeping some of the powerful weapon traits from scythes and speedy daggers.

    +/- Fixed SAIL text on ship upgrades: Sorry for any that have been having confusion with...