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Gyrusens+ [v1.8.6]

Alien reptile race from distant lands, and more! (No longer requires Airless Dungeons!)

  1. Mega Update! [Hot!]

    Here's the update we've been hyped up for! This time around, we bring you tons and tons of new goodies and things to do! I'll cut the fluff and go straight at it, so here's the list of the new stuff!

    + Gyrusen Starter Pet
    The Gyrusens now have a wonderfully adorable new starter pet called Rouki! They come in various colors (and textures), so take care of them, play with them, and watch the dorky lizard puppies run around in curiosity!

    + New prizes at the arcade shop
    The Arcade merchant now has alot more goodies for sale! This includes toys and an all-new gyr plush series as well and some special stuff! Go check it out!

    + Anomaly #434
    Here's the big one! Please welcome Starbound's first randomizing dungeon! The now working Anomaly #434 is a portal mostly found on Moons, which will teleport you into one of four different Dimensions; and each one has 5 different variations! That's a total of 20 different unique dungeons you can explore! Of course, it goes without saying that each dimension will have its hazards, so make sure to equip all of your best gear and techs to tackle all of the puzzles and parkour in them!

    + Konue's Shop + Cores, Temporal Dimension Links
    Alongside these mysterious new dimensions, you will encounter this ominous being which will sell you special cores; when mixed with Anomaly #434's remains, you can create a temporary link to a specific dimension! These work the same as the original portal, however they focus solely on a particular dimension. Remember that Anomaly #434's frame isn't the strongest, so it will collapse as well!

    + Pocket Portals + Themes
    It goes to say that the gyrusens haven't taken advantage of this new technology; now they've created an all new pocket dimension! Crafting a Pocket Dimension frame will unlock the ability to teleport into your very own blank slate of a dimension! You can build and do whatever you want within it, the entire dimension is for you! These frames also can be crafted into themed versions of each respective dimension provided by Anomaly #434, by using the cores that Konue sells.

    + Tiered Friendly Guards
    The original friendly guard has been slightly revamped as well as adding 4 additional new guards, each one suitable for different tiers! Now you can rely on your gyrusen bodyguard to keep you safe, in ANY tier!

    + Buster Gun line
    Speaking of revamping, if you're not a fan of the pistol series, now you can try an all-new Buster-gun type weapons! These are made from the Tier 5 version of the pistol and successively upgrade on their own. Each one is capable of firing regular rounds, as well as a charged bullet as long as you hold the fire button.

    + GSF Backup Drone, Golden Buster, Radiant Bow, Konue & Infinity sword
    All new Legendary weapons are introduced into the mix! An all powerful Buster made of solid gold, a Bow that can pierce multiple enemies with its charged shot, a sword that wraps around the universe, Konue himself, and a summonable laser from outer space! Jump from dimension to dimension and collect them all! Be the legend you've always been destined to be!


    +/- New AI Sprite
    The SAIL AI has been redesigned to look much better! Bees ftw!

    +/- New Ship Model + Upgrades
    The one update everyone's been wanting! The ship has taken a massive overhaul, as well as the ability to expand the ship's size! Due to this specific update and some others, users will have to make a new character as the previous ship will become broken and unusable.

    +/- Sprite polish 2.5/3
    Weapons, tools, and crafting tables have received a minor touchup! All gyrusens have been generously coated with a layer of gloss, as well as their tails are now animatet!

    +/- Fixed Questline a bit
    Fixed the quest line a little bit to let the progress feel more natural. The new questline is available at SAIL when you fix your ship to Tier 2 (fix it with core fragments).

    +/- Tweaked Village Guard's Health/Energy
    Guards have been tweaked to become a little less resistant to everything. Their energy rate is still shit, but it's better than having them not die!

    +/- Fixed Anomaly #436
    The broken issue with it has now been fixed! However you might need to obtain a new one to be able to use it. As well, the random items have been expanded on!

    +/- More Minidungeon Tweaking
    Minidungeons have been further tweaked. Technical stuff.

    +/- Rare item Redistribution
    Previous Legendary weapons such as the bone scythe and the ring fist items have now been switched over to the dimension treasure pools and will no longer be found on the mini temples. Some miscellaneous items have been added to fill in for them!

    It's safe to say that all these new goodies require a new character to experience the full effect of the patch. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we hope all these new goodies will make up for it!

    Thank you for bearing with us in these last few months, it's been fairly long and rough on both of us but we managed to pull it off!

    Take care, and as always, have a good one!
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