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Gyrusens+ Compatibility Batch Patch! [v.1.1]

Stitching the gyrusenic world together, one "OP":"ADD" at a time.

  1. Patches for the new version!


    Small tweaks have been applied to the Frackin' Universe patch file to reflect the new update on the Gyrusens+ mod!

    Also, didn't you hear? Gyrusens+ is now on Steam, and guess what is also on Steam? The Compatibility Patch Batch!

    Waddle on over to the workshop, or clickety-click these links to get the patches!

    + Gyrusens+Frackin' Universe Compatibility Patch
    + Gyrusens+TrueSpace Compatibility Patch

    (Remember, none of these patches substitute [Airless Dungeons], which is also on Steam! Click here to get it!)

    Shameless plug-in: Don't forget my other, smaller mods too!
    + Stone Torches: Adds torches made of stone, perfect for lengthy cave explorations!
    + Status Station: Want a bit more chemical oomph? This mod can give you a variety of effects!
    + Drill Tweaks: Matter Manipulator too slow? GSF Drills a bit too imprecise? Drill Tweaks makes drills worth using again!

    Thanks for sticking by, have a good one!
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