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Outdated Graviton Projectors - Broken V1.3

Defying Gravity!

  1. Core changes


    ! Quests have been removed. The recipes necessary to craft Graviton Projector devices have been added to basic knowledge instead, with the Gravfield Manipulator first craftable at the Robotic crafting station.

    gravitonmagnifier.png Graviton Magnifiers now require Core Fragments instead of Crystals now, as Crystals seemed to be rather hard to come (with crystal biomes only currently appearing on Volcanic worlds in vanilla game.) This should make it much easier to garner the necessary components.

    The Graviton Project R&D team have perfected the Graviton Field energy screen.

    gravbuff.png This Graviton Field energy screen is applied to any player within the effected area of a gravpad or gravring. This self-sustaining buff will last until the player next makes contact with the ground, thus protecting them from falling damage. (Yes, you could drop through a single ring from on high and survive the fall!)

    Please note: The Graviton Project is not responsible for loss of life, limb or equipment due to landing in lava, poisonous liquids, the midst of hungry florans or other inherently hostile terrain.
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