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Outdated Graviton Elevators - Outdated V1.0 OUTDATED

Defying Gravity!

  1. Tiers 3-10 Small, Normal and Large Gravpads/rings

    • Ferozium Gravpad and Gravring Models LF4
    • Cerulium Gravpad and Gravring Models SC5, C5 and LC5
    • Violium Gravpad and Gravring Models SV6, V6 and LV6
    • Rubium Gravpad and Gravring Models SR7, R7 and LR7
    • Panels, Support Blocks, Beams and Reinforced Glass for all the above tiers
    • Reinforced Glass is Transparent! Really!
    • Durasteel/Aegisalt/Ferozium tiles moved down one to be available at their correct Tier
    Hopefully this update is lacking bugs, but as usual if you discover any then please let me know on the Discussion!

    Enjoy :)
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