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Outdated Graviton Elevators - Outdated V1.0 OUTDATED

Defying Gravity!

  1. New Tiered Gravpads/rings and Tiles

    • Reinforced Glass recipes and Titanium Beam material Id (thanks to Frostwood for reporting those bugs in discussion.)
    As I didn't want to post another 'Oops just a Fix' Update, I decided to give you guys all my current work as a thank you for your continued support and patience! ;)

    • Ferozium Gravpad and Gravring Models SF4 and F4
    • Impervium Gravpad and Gravring Models SI8, I8 and LI8
    • Durasteel Support and Beam tiles
    • Aegisalt Support and Beam tiles
    • Ferozium Panels and Reinforced Glass tiles
    • Rubium Panels, Support, Beam and Reinforced Glass tiles - looks like small fix needed here for recipes so that's now just a sneak preview pic above of the Rubium tiles (you can change "rubiumbar" to "Rubiumbar" in the tile .recipe files if you are desperate to use these creepy tiles before next update!)
    • Impervium Panels, Support, Beam and Reinforced Glass tiles
    • Impervium Greebles C1I and L1I
    You may also find some extra stuff within (some of which is accessible via Tabula Rasa) that is currently WIP, as is this mod in general.

    Credits and many thanks also go to ECC for helping with the Impervium sprites!
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