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Good Trade Goods 1.2.1

Adds Crafting using Trade Goods.

  1. Random Weapon Bags and Basic Mech Blueprints crafting

    Random Weapon Bags and Basic Mech Blueprints crafting are added!

    If you have plenty of resources but just don't have any luck getting mech blueprints or weapons, this update is for you! (Well, sort of.)

    1. Random Weapon Bags - crafted at Armory Table
    You can craft Tier 3~6 Random Weapon Bags with...
    - Tier's main metal (Two hand: 6, One hand: 3)
    - Weapons Part

    2. Blueprints of Basic Mech Parts - crafted at Electronics Table
    You can craft Tier 4~6 Basic Mech blueprints. The list are below.
    - Beat Mech Body (T4)
    - Venturer Mech Body (T5)
    - Protector's Mech Body (T6)
    - Heatrifle Mech Arm (T4)
    - Cannon Mech Arm (T5)
    - Beam Sniper Mech Arm (T6)
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