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Futurama Planet Express Ship 1.0 [Release]

The ship from the tv show Futurama

  1. Elodnei
    Good news, everyone!

    The Planet Express ship is a replacement for the normal vanilla ship. It's main purpose is the delivery of cargo across the universe and ideal for people with a main base on a planet.

    It has all the features of a normal ship and can be used for all races. The ship is upgradable , but unlike the vanilla ships, this ship won't get bigger on the outside, only the interior will slightly expand.

    Tier upgrades :
    - Tier 1 : broken - 2 crew
    - Tier 2 : semi-broken - 2 crew
    - Tier 3 : repaired - 2 crew
    - Tier 4 : room expansion - 3 crew
    - Tier 5 : room expansion - 4 crew - extra fuel +250
    - Tier 6 : extra fuel +250
    - Tier 7 : extra fuel +250
    - Tier 8 : extra fuel +250

    Even though in the end it's smaller then a vanilla ship, i hope you'll have fun with this ship in your adventures across the galaxy.

    Have fun :)

    ps. includes Fry

    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


    1. FutTier.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. seanzhao
    Version: 1.0 [Release]
  2. mrpras
    Version: 1.0 [Release]
    Makes the start of the Human game like the second film - awesome :)
  3. Noneyms17
    Version: 1.0 [Release]
  4. betailas
    Version: v8
    "Good news everyone! We have a package!"© Mod is cool but the ship needs more space 'cause original game ships are much larger than the Panetary Express.
  5. unearthly earthling
    unearthly earthling
    Version: V 6.1 Enraged Koala
    This is great replica, I just wish it were a bit larger. I have created a Futurama mod with Bender and Leela with more to come.
  6. Hanumander
    Version: V 6.0 Furious Koala
    Beautiful work, well done. Now I just need a Decapod race and Dr. Zoidberg will start his explorations. All glory to the hypnotoad.
  7. FuryExtraLarge
    Version: V 6.0 Furious Koala
    This is simply perfect. The art is well-done and the Fry is free... can't go wrong with this.
  8. ahappydude
    Version: V 6.0 Furious Koala
    We need some planet express quest to deliver things to dangerous and weird planets
  9. Kaedegames
    Version: Version 4.0
    Futurama, What a great and underrated show.

    and this mod is nothing less.
  10. OusanK
    Version: 2013-12-14
    Nice work !