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Futara's Dragon Race (Revived Out Date Mod From 2014) 1.302b

FutaraDragon, Dragon, Race, Lover

  1. Dragon Lover (Revived From Out Date Mod From 2014)

    The Dragon Lover Mod
    Current Version 0.20b
    [please understand this is very early version]
    Special Thank
    Modding Help
    - Silver Sokolova
    - (Green)
    Mod Tester
    - Soma
    - Luconis
    - Morg
    - Kiero Ashkore
    About Mod
    - add custom skill api for modder
    - add dragon race with recolorable
    - skill menu and rpg system support for enable custom skill character
    - add unique dragon race skill
    About Dragon Race
    - Health start by 100
    - Energy start by 200
    - Hunger increase a lot
    - Breath start by 300%
    [Custom Skill]
    - soon...
    Mod Objective
    - make new system that give to all modder to have ability to use custom animation and custom skill with rpg system
    - built-in race example for modder to use to make they own race
    - fun with dragon
    Mod Progressing
    - add skill fly
    - fly mechanic
    - add breath fire skill
    - character animation guarding
    - guard mechanic
    - counter attack mechanic
    Mod Future Plan
    - add dash skill
    - add air dash skill
    - remake warp effect
    - camera shake mechanic
    - add magic cloth skill (path of defend use mana as self shield)
    - dragon combat mode (a lot of skill will need to be combat state before use)
    - add skill line of combat
    - add skill line of defend
    - add skill line of support
    - add claw beam saber skill
    - add rage point (use for ultimate skill)
    - add dragon grab skill (grab and hold other ally while flying)
    - add mix soul skill (change self to weapon and follow other ally)
    - add energy ball combat skill
    - add energy ball follower skill (path of support send energy ball follow ally)
    - add rowr of war skill (path of combat shock wave heavy sonic push enemy around include enemy projectile)
    - add wall of mana skill (path of defend create very large barrier protect all ally)
    - add aura of holy skill (path of support aura self effect self and ally to get healing buff over time)
    - add rage crasher skill (path of combat only when full rage transform self to ultimate form ... detail later)
    - add energy ball of defend skill (path of defend change energy ball to float barrier shield)
    - ...
    Developer Discord
    - https://discord.gg/3YqyE3B]Mod
    Modder Api Document
    - ...
    Question & Answer
    - Q : this mod will make other character crash after uninstall this mod ?
    - A : I already tested about install and uninstall my mod with other character, result is not effect to other character
    Mod History
    - Done first alpha version at d4/m1/y2020
    - A lot of research and special thank for StarBound mod community help a lot
    - Start develop from 2014
    - Start by just want to add feral character type to the game and have unique special skill
    Mod Log
    - add energy orb skill
    - add charge bar
    - add charge bar icon
    - add energy orb skill icon
    - add energy orb skill duration attrubute icon
    - add energy orb skill count attrubute icon
    - add energy orb skill cast speed attrubute icon
    - charge mechanic
    - charge particle effect
    - charge sound effect
    - orb follower
    - dynamic orb follower light
    - orb follower status
    - add level display on view status detail
    - add word point/second at all skill detail when watching
    - fix animation jump and fall some time do not display correctly
    - remove name "Futara" from skill item
    - set energy orb skill use 5 point unlock
    - effect lock with object mechanic
    - object effect controller (not make over flow spawn effect component)
    - dynamic effect engine (realtime effect render)
    - add projectiles lock type
    - add new mechanic dynamic particle render
    - add new mechanic charge follower
    - fix bar do not hidden when exit game without wait bar fading
    - add status bar fade mode "AlwaysOn" , "WhenMax" , "WhenNotChange"
    - change hp bar fade when full hp
    - remove file "FutaraDragonChargeParticle" editor file
    - add dynamic light color on charge particle
    - change charge effect to brighter
    - add mechanic dynamic render over character base layer level 2
    - add animation light map
    - add animation aura light map
    - add realtime shader system
    - add mechanic render shader layer realtime sync
    - optimize CPU by switch render to GPU
    - optimize shader effect
    - optimize animation frame
    - remove file all animation editor file
    - fix animation when a bit down
    - add charge loop sound effect
    - add summon energy orb sound effect
    - add summon energy orb effect
    - remove all file "FutaraDragonEnergyOrbSummon" editor
    - add energy orb floating sprite
    - add energy orb arrived sprite
    - add energy orb disappear sprite
    - add energy orb arrived sound effect
    - add energy orb disappear sound effect
    - fix charge can not casting while jump
    - remove all file projectile FutaraDragon Energy Orb editor
    - energy orb craft skill require heal water 5
    - change Hp bar size support HP 600
    - add health status can be max to 600
    - fix skill point display at all skill description
    - fix skill point display nil in description
    - add random speed for energy orb
    - fix energy orb crash when orb hit enemy
    - fix charge bar not fully bar when casting skill
    - fix skill description display nil on description
    - fix over flow profile image
    Recent Log Here
    =========================== ModImage.png ModImage.png ModImage.png ModImage.png ModImage.png StarBoundMod_TheBeginningOfFutaraDragon.png ModImage.png Screenshot (10).png Screenshot (20).png Screenshot (23).png Screenshot (25).png


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