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FU S.A.I.L. Modded Race Support 2018-10-08

A bunch of patches to make sure modded species get Frackin Universe's S.A.I.L. interface.

  1. ztarbound update, a bunch of other species

    Sorry for the delay!

    - FU is now in includes[] instead of requires[] to work with ztarbound
    - patches for spiritguardian, xlmoi, moogle, changenykt, hallvalla, rutikal, renamon, thaumoth / starunians2, latexian, program, asari, demon, eld'uukhar species
  2. FU S.A.I.L. Modded Race Support -- third attempt

    This one's the real deal I swear
  3. patches update following FU's update

    Oopsie happened
  4. patches update following FU's update

    weops I forgot to upload it here
  5. Patches for Anvil, Darkbound, Dreamers, eevee, elysian, facebox, fennix, nyablos, odigreo, oofa

    You don't need to download this update if you aren't using one of those specie mods.