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FU-Redemption patch 4.2

Bridging the gap

  1. Avian mission compat

    Small update to add compat for FU's changes to the Avian mission
  2. Minor update

    made it so that the prismatic and impervious sets could be crafted in the armorworks now
  3. Another hotfix

    Turns out FU doesn't like having its orepools patched, the mod should finally be working again otherwise.
  4. Hotfix

    Hotfix for some potential crashes
  5. Prismatic Update support

    Added support for the new Prismatic set of equipment!
  6. Expanded bunker generation

    Expanded the list of planets USCM remnant bunkers can spawn on, also fixed how I had accidentally broke the Protector's Mech Body
  7. Bugfix

    Just a new update fixing a bug with the impervious set bonus and also updating the lost and found merchant to sell the Damaged Pistol and Rusty Protectorate Shield
  8. USCM remnant bunker update

    made USCM remnant bunkers more common on FU planets
  9. polishing

    just a small update that patches FU's protectorate guns to have the protectorate tag to them, they should work with the Protector's set bonus now
  10. protector's mech body fix

    finally fixed the protector's mech body breaking bug