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Food Stack 1.7

Food can stack up to 1000

  1. 1.3

    Full Avali & Frackin' Universe support
    Food Stacker machine is no longer scannable. This is to prevent errors when you uninstall the mod and open the 3d printer.

    If you have already scanned the machine and want or have uninstalled the the mod. There's 3 ways to resolve the issue.
    - Use a hex editor on your .player file. Search for "scannedObjects" and then for "foodstacker" (make sure it's below scannedObjects). Replace foodstacker with a vanilla object with the same length.
    - Admin command /clearscannedobjects to remove all scanned objects. Not joking, it will remove all of them.
    - Wait for a future Starbound update that makes the game ignore objects in the 3d printer that no longer exist.
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