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Firefly's Big Box of Loot Collaboration! [Upbeat Giraffe] 3.6

Loot to help you become your favorite Firefly characters.

  1. Tupes!

    I made it so you can craft the tupes that DeadSquirrel made for the spawners. No promises on the names or descriptions, but they are craftable for your RP uses. =)
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  2. Compatibility Update

    Just made it useable with the new updates.
  3. Now in .modpak format

    I figured out how to modpak it. I'm not sure I like this over how we have been doing it, since it makes it harder for the user to change things if they want to, and you still have to zip it since you need two files to make it run properly, but I'm keeping up with the times!

    Just unzip to your mod folder as per usual. =)
  4. Enraged Koala compatible

    Just updated to Enraged Koala. Haven't sorted out the modpak thing as of yet.
  5. The real update....

    So, I was so excited to get the update up I uploaded an old zip. THIS is the real one. I swear. o.o
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  6. Now Furious Koala Compatible!

    No promises on the DPS balance on the weapons, I didn't change any of those settings. I'll keep my eye on how they compare as I play myself, in the meantime, let me know if you see them being severely over/underpowered.

    Let me know if any problems arise, as usual.

    "You can learn all the math in the 'Verse, but you take a boat in the air that you don't love, she'll shake you off just as sure as the turning of the worlds. Love keeps her in the air when she oughta fall down, tells you she's...
  7. Finale!

    Time for the big finale! A few new outfits, Tabula Rasa compatability (not required), and SPAWNERS!
    First, the outfits:
    Wash has not one, but three variations thanks to DeadSquirrel and SpectreOne.
    DeadSquirrel also made an alternate Browncoat (Captain's set), an outfit for Book and Kaylee's passenger recruiting jacket!
    I finished the spacesuit (sorry, no variations, but there can be a handful of different colors), the Operative's armor, and Jubal Early's suit,...
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  8. Fixed Thumbs.db

    I don't know where these are coming from, they weren't in all the folders, but *after* I compressed my copy, they show up! This apparently can render the mod unusable. >.<

    I'm going to have to keep an eye open for this from now on.
  9. A real update again! =O

    Alrighty! I hearby introduce a Firefly crafting station! Make it at the wooden crafting table (Big Box of Loot) and place it. All recipes from the mod are openly available, and you can sort with those colors on top to find the top three tiers of weapons. ^^

    You still can't craft them until you have the proper materials. =P

    I hope you all can tell what the Big Box of Loot is, I might have to do more edits on the appearance there...

    I took the opportunity to throw in a few quotes I hadn't...
  10. Bug fix

    Guess what? When bugs are reported they get fixed for all! Thanks, DaWrecka!

    I'm going to work on making a Firefly-specific crafting station next so this all doesn't clog the crafting tables. Once that is made, I think I'll make all the weapons unlocked at the start and you'll simply be restricted by what ore you have available to make them, then there won't be any conflict with people who have existing...