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Firefly's Big Box of Loot Collaboration! [Upbeat Giraffe] 3.6

Loot to help you become your favorite Firefly characters.

  1. Guns and River oh my!

    In this update, we have:
    • Iimproved Inara's dress (it was supposed to have partial sleeves to begin with, but I couldn't figure them out until FoolsPower sent Kaylee's fluffy dress my way)
    • Introduced Mal's pistol (aka Captain's Pistol)
    • Introduced Zoe's rifle (aka Emergency Rifle)
    • Introduced River's stick gun (aka Strange Stick)
    • Introduced River's dress as gleaned from the end of the movie.
    • Introduced Reaver Sword
    • Introduced Reaver Axe
    • Updated Parasol description text, because Ifrix's is better. =P


    For some reason, when you look at River's top, there is no image, but the icon is fine and you can wear it fine. I know I had this problem before, but I can't remember how to fix it atm. I'm sure it will be fixed by the next update.

    I'm not certain how balanced the guns are, but I based the melee weapons off tier 10 stuff:
    I left the variations on Vera for now, but I only made tier 10 version of the rest of the weapons. Let me know if you want early game versions, I just figured you don't need more weapon clutter on your metalwork table then necessary.

    I'll be working on spawners next, so it might be a bit before the next update while I figure out how to make custom ones. In the meantime, keep sending stuff to add!
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