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Firefly's Big Box of Loot Collaboration! [Upbeat Giraffe] 3.6

Loot to help you become your favorite Firefly characters.

  1. Dye update and spawner removal

    Spawners broke again, so I removed the recipe. If anyone is good at coding and wants to take a look/fix them, please do and let me know!

    The main reason for the update is that I made most of the things dye-able. I haven't touched the hair (except Book's Einstein-style hair), let me know if you want me to make those dye-able as well. I'm not completely happy with Kaylee's Fluffy dress, I think cutting back on the colors I messed up the look. Cutting back I still had to keep 10 shades colors organized! I double checked everything except Mal's Browncoat (if I make the coat dye-able, I'd have to leave the pants be for the top and bottom to match, and it is the iconic image of the series!), Mal's Bonnet, the parasol & Jayne's ugly hat (mostly getting burned out messing with them at this point). Also didn't touch the tupes or Wash's hawaiian outfit. I don't have a cheat system set up for testing things, so I haven't been able to test out all the outfits with all the dyes, so let me know if there is something glaring like a dash of blue in the red dyed outfit or something. (Some places those are on purpose, like Kaylee's overalls, so keep that in mind, too!) But yeah, I'm tired but you should be able to play with dyes now! Go forth and be colorful!
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