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[FFS]Feast of Fire and Smoke 2.0hotfix6

Last generation of gunshop/gunners mod

  1. leyhan
    FFSmod_EP2 illust2.png

    [h1]You can see the difference between vanilla and FFS[/h1]
    [h1]1.How to play FFS[/h1]
    1.Use 'c' key to open crafting menu.
    2.Craft FFS radio and set it to your ship.
    3.Use radio.
    [h1]2.How to get the items of FFS[/h1]
    1.Use'c'key to open crafting menu
    2.Craft 'skip' item and set it to your ship.
    3.Go to episode0 dropship.
    [h1]3.V1.03 NPCs[/h1]
    - Arms dealer Papachino(Grey apex)
    - Medicine seller Chiquita (blond kid)
    - Armor seller Yuri (purple hair)
    - Mission gate seller Nadya (blond pilot)
    - Weapon modification (Not available - Glitch Dr.breadnut)
    [h1]1.Remove all your F.F.S gears. [/h1]
    - weapons&armors&consumable..etc
    [h1]2.Remove all your F.F.S objects.[/h1]
    - Warning! if you don't do this, it can cause critical issue!
    [h1]3.Unscribe this mod page.[/h1]
    - Thank you for playing! See you next time! '-')/
    (PST)2019.09.06 - V1.01 : Added checkpoints to whole floors.
    (PST)2019.09.07 - V1.02 :
    1.Added Skip EP0 & EP1 item to crafting menu.
    It's price is EP0:5000000 & EP1:9999999
    2.Modified drop table
    (PST)2019.09.20 Night(20:00~24:00) - V1.03 :
    1. New damage calculation is available.
    2. New UI is updated. (FFS will not change basic ui.)
    3. Revamped Whole weapons
    4. 3,5,7,10Tier will be removed from drop table. (It will be added next episode.)
    5. Jang-i-ho will drop Unique item 'Jang-i-ho's remnant'.
    6. Episode0, 5th basement Psycho-pirates spaming is changed to Infected-pirates.
    7. Episode1 lastboss's slash attack is slightly visible. & Nerf damage 100->90
    8. Hidden dungeons is added. ( You can find it's location by reading codex from bosses.)
    9. Protectorate service arms ( vz61 & makarov ) is attached tactical flashes.
    10. Mouse cursor ( Aim ) is animated.
    11. Mouse cursor is animated uniquely when reloading.
    12. Mosin-nagant's reloading bug is fixed.
    13. Energy bug from racemod is fixed.
    14. Whole radio message from npc ( in chating box) is added.
    15. And many bugs are fixed.
    (PST)2019.09.22 - V1.03 hotfix 1 :
    1. Fixed few scripts on boss's door.
    (PST)2019.09.22 - V1.03 hotfix 2 :
    1. Survivor difficulty will not drop items when player is dead.
    [h1]1.Weapon modification[/h1]
    [h1]2.Radio icon's animation[/h1]
    [h1]3.NPC animation and UI[/h1]
    -Night Emperor
    - Breadnut (Ep.1 dungeon mapper)
    - Meka6600 (W.I.P)
    - Six (W.I.P)
    - FFS Nanko Guns for FFS Mod
    Link : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1860195073
    - Expanded weapons for FFSmod
    Link : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1864093558
    - Hailix (Grammar fix)
    "Titanic hits iceberg sound effect"
    from The South Devon Players Theatre & Film Company
    facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram: @sdevonplayers
    Jewel beat music
    Free sound : EpicOrchestralCue_graham_makes
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Do not alter or redistribute the assets included in this mod.


    1. FFS_image_fin2_s.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. 111111
    Version: 2.0hotfix6
    One of the best, if not the best mod for real weapons. The sounds, effects and animations are all at a high level.
    To the author have a request to add Shpagin submachine gun and machine gun Degtyarev (DP-27).
    In general, 5/5 excellent mod.
  2. Bam4000
    Version: 2.0hotfix6
    I liked it! Needs some polishing though.
    It would also be cool if the amount of enemy spam ant insta kill attacks could be reduced.
  3. caoru
    Version: 2.0hotfix6
  4. demonwolf301
    Version: 2.0hotfix6
    me encanta
  5. wickedlord
    Version: 2.0hotfix6
    I love it but please make a new updater and add like when you save someone they join your ship and they dont count as your crew but they live on your ship guard it and give you buffs and please make more of those zombies. and the music I love it soooo much the music in the cave its perfect and the music with Anna
  6. 50.Cal.Gama
    Version: 2.0hotfix6
    theres an error, when you en the last episode (2) you give 1.000 dolars x1000, but the npc Papachino does not acept that money
  7. Asheshuntox
    Version: 2.0hotfix6
    Like your mod since Lyetzis gunner mod. The problem with this one is when I play the mission and tried to teleport using the radio on my ship, it just teleports me back to my ship. Here is the error that I found in the log.
    [16:57:55.129] [Info] UniverseServer: Warping player 1 to InstanceWorld:ffs0_0:dd8eb654eabd0b26dd30ac8a6a5bb3df:1
    [16:57:55.129] [Info] UniverseServer: Warping player 1 failed, invalid world 'InstanceWorld:ffs0_0:dd8eb654eabd0b26dd30ac8a6a5bb3df:1' or world failed to load
    [16:57:59.032] [Info] UniverseServer: Clearing broken world InstanceWorld:ffs0_0:dd8eb654eabd0b26dd30ac8a6a5bb3df:1
    [16:58:24.853] [Error] UniverseServer: error during world create: (DungeonException) Error loading dungeon '/dungeons/missions/ffs0/ffs0_0.dungeon': (JsonException) contains() called on improper json type
    I need help with this, please. I'm eager to play this mod.
  8. Suizi
    Version: 2.0hotfix6
    Please help me! I can't go through a puzzle in episode 2. There's buttons and a ladder with hatches. I can't say no to order.
  9. roru 93
    roru 93
    Version: 2.0hotfix6
    just super mod but here's the problem with the final boss of the second episode. When I got into his attack I got out of it but then it killed but I was not even in the attack zone, as if something was happening and this attack attacked the entire area of the arena
  10. ironTed
    Version: 2.0hotfix6