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Outdated FFF - Farmable Fuel and Food 1.2.2

Biodiesel, canned food, booze!

  1. rosett
    Food and Fuel Farming - FFF
    v. Indignant Koala

    by rosedrake (rosett is my forums username)

    Extract .zip - Put the folder FFF into \steamapps\common\Starbound\mods. Follow the readme contained within for more instructions.

    1. Crafting station - Distillery
    Make booze from wheat, corn, potatoes, and grapes!
    And sourswill, from toxic tops.
    An operation takes two vegetables in one go.

    2. Crafting station - Grinder
    Meat, fruit, and vegetables can be turned into mush.
    Plant fibre will be turned into plant mush.

    3. Crafting station - Canner
    Combine the three kinds of edible mush into nutritious mush!
    Which can then be canned. Restores 4 bars instead of 3!

    4. Cottonseed crop
    Gives a lot of plant fibre and seeds when harvested.
    Found rarely in forest biomes anywhere in the universe.

    5. Biodiesel and Bioethanol
    Combining plant mush and sour swill and then canning it
    and -then- distilling it produces biodiesel.
    Grinding two cottonseed or four wheat seed produces seed oil.
    Combine seed oil with sour swill, and then distill it
    to get bioethanol.

    6. Molotov
    Combine fabric and bottles of bioethanol to make
    molotov cocktails. 1500% more burny fun! Renewable!
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