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FezzedTech 1.3.1

Support mod for custom items with some roleplay features

  1. FezzedTech v1.2.1

    - [NEW] Added support for Size of Life. Note that FezzedTech's "charHeight" stat, where height is specified in centimetres, with the base 1.0× scale being 187.5 cm (about 6'2" in English units), takes precedence over Size of Life's "bodysize" stat.
    - [CHANGE] "soarHop"'s jump speed boost was toned down.
    - [CHANGE] The frontHook function in FezzedTech's $src/scripts/util/hook.lua no longer expects the «fronted» function to return its initial arguments for the hooked function to use them. The return value after the hook remains that of the hooked function, not the «fronted» one.
    - [REMOVED] FezzedTech's inspection message logging feature for xSB-2 is now part of xSB-2 itself (as of xSB-2 v2.4.1).
    - [BUGFIX] Checks to see if the character's current collision box matches what FezzedTech expects now take floating-point imprecision into account.
    - [BUGFIX] FezzedTech no longer «hogs» xSB-2's shader parameters when its shaders are not active.
    - [BUGFIX] Fixed a potentially problematic player table check. Oh, and a note for a certain blonde modder out there: Don't wipe the player table in the status controller context!
    - [BUGFIX] Fixed the flying pose for the "avosiWingedArms" stat.
    - [BUGFIX] Fixed various crouching and sitting pose bugs.
    - [BUGFIX] Merfolk — anyone with the "mertail" stat — can crawl now.
    - [BUGFIX] "scarecrowPole" now overrides "largePotted"'s crawling movement when running (not walking), while "largePotted" no longer overrides jumping stat changes on "scarecrowPole".
    - [BUGFIX] Fix a potential crash on stock Starbound clients. Sorry, the crash on OpenStarbound can't be fixed on my end.
    - [BUGFIX] "jumpAdder" now applies when roleplay mode is not enabled.
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