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FausTech Gear 1.9.4

Multiplayer friendly roleplay equipment and items!

  1. >Added new gear, cleaned up everything else!

    >Added the new VECS (Vacillating Environment Compensation Suit) equipment as per request - including the ability to combine one with a Duststorm Hood to get that ultra ragged experience down.

    >The VECS Tank does indeed supply the wearer with oxygen when applicable (underwater, in space, etc). That should help with roleplay immersion.

    >Still working on the last four requested pieces of equipment, they should be released in a day or so.

    >Made sure every item now bears the FausTech logo underneath the item's name, as well as made sure they are all common rarity to keep the menu looking nice and clean.

    >As always, if anybody has any requests just let me know. Enjoy!
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