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Extra Plushies 2.5

Adds in an ever expanding collection of plushies.

  1. Important Small-ish Announcement

    Hello everyone, this is not another lovely little update that will be adding a few more extra plushies in. I just want to say I want to remake this mod which I started a few months/year ago.

    I realised that there are a ton and ton of wonderful games and I would really like to make plushes of (almost) all of them but this can clutter up the crafting menu and can make the mod rather messy, so I decided to re-build my first mod and properly make an Extra Plushies mod. On top of that it...
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  2. 2.5 The Minor Starbound Monsters Plushies Update


    I hope you all will enjoy this lil' update!

    - This update adds in 11 of the monsters from Starbound into Plushies
    Scaveran, Voltip, Fennix, Lilodon, Petricub, Paratail, Skimbus, Pulpin, Capricoat and Ringram plushies!​

    skimbus_float.png Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 10.57.27 AM.png
    And of course a [Float] version of Skimbus because the Skimbus is a Ghost monster!...
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  3. 2.4 Quick Christmas Update


    NOTE - Mod was updated in a hurry so there may be a few bits and pieces missing.

    I know this is a little too small of an update for Christmas but i hope all of you will enjoy it anyway!

    - Added 4 new plushies crafted for Christmas.
    From left to right: Snowman, Mini Santa, Christmas Elf and Festive Bear
    Craft em' at the Plush Maker with Holiday Spirit!
    - Made crafting recipe for Holiday Spirit
    (I did my best to make...
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  4. 2.3 Starbound 1.2 Compatibility Update

    - Sadly there's no new plushies in this update but...

    Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 11.07.13 AM.png
    - Updated the Plush Maker
    - Moved all recipes for materials to the Plush Maker
    - Moved recipe for Plush Maker to the Inventor's Table
    - Makes the X button appear again!

    If there are any bugs, errors or spelling mistakes, please tell me!

    Note: If the mod crashes your game, report to me asap! Thanks.
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  5. Multiplayer Crash Fixed?

    This should (hopefully) fix the crash reported by KPower

    Do tell me if it works, thanks!
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  6. 2.2 Sitting Position Fixes


    - Added Batong Plush
    - Added Spookit Plush
    - Added Spookit [Float] Plush
    - Added Wisper [Float] Plush
    - Added Shoggoth Cushion ( suggested by @nuker19 )
    - Moved the glow from the regular Wisper plush to the Floating/Ghostly version
    - Changed all Monster Plush rarity to "Common"
    - Changed sprites for ship pet Snake Plushies
    - Fixed Sitting Positions for cushions

    If there are any bugs, errors or spelling mistakes, please tell...
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  7. 2.1 Fixed Download

    A very minor update.

    - Added Tintic plushie
    - Added Crustoise plushie
    - Added Chi the Cat plushie ( Suggested by @darkstar666 )

    - Fixed download. It was my wifi problem.
    If there are any bugs, errors or spelling mistakes, please tell me!
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  8. 2.0 Snake Plushies

    - Added 7 colored Snake plushies
    - Added new storage container, Plush Box
    - Changed sprite for Sir Snugget and Mr.Poptop
    - Changed a few recipes

    If there are any bugs, errors or spelling mistakes, please tell me!

    Also, the download is changed to Dropbox temporarily because for some reason I can't upload the mod file. I will switch back once I make it work....
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  9. 1.6 New Crafting Station



    -- Custom crafting station! The Plush Maker
    All plushies can be crafted here. The crafting material is craftable at the Sewing machine.
    Thanks to jaydee-murder who shared a video tutorial on this. :p
    Video link -...
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  10. Download Fixed?

    - Uploaded wrong files, should be fixed now