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Extra Plushies 2.5

Adds in an ever expanding collection of plushies.

  1. WyvernWarrior223
    Rather Important Announcement!
    This mod was made since there wasn't enough plushies in game and in mods for me, my brother and everyone out there in the world.
    If you got any bugs please tell me and I will try to fix em'.

    -- Also, don't report bugs in the Reviews section, it's where the reviews are and not the bugs. --

    Link to Steam Version - CLICK HERE

    Extra Plushies currently adds in a buncha new plushies and cushions-

    Crafting Station - Plush Maker, Craft it at the Inventor's Table!

    - Gleap Plush
    - Nutmidgeling Plush
    - King Nutmidgeling Plush
    - Nutmidge Plush
    - Adult Poptop Plush
    - Crustoise Plush
    - Tintic Plush
    - Batong Plush
    - Spookit Plush
    - Spookit Plush [Float]
    - Wisper Plush
    - Wisper Plush [Float]

    - 7 Colored Snugget Plushies
    - 7 Colored Snake Plushies
    - Wisper Plush
    - Sir Snugget Plush
    - Mr.Poptop Plush
    - Bombergrape Plush

    - Eater of Worlds cushions. Head, Body and Tail
    - Snorlax Cushion

    - Glow fabric
    - Dark Magic
    - Small Top Hat
    - Small Monocle
    - Vile Powder
    - Vicious Powder

    -- 3 Stardew Valley Chickens and Bomberman Plush (by @Crusism )
    -- Rabite and Black rabite (by @NaturesWitness )
    -- Chi the Cat (suggested by @darkstar666 )
    -- Shoggoth Cushion (suggested by @nuker19 )
    -- Animal Orbs from Castle Crashers (suggested by Toxic on Steam!)

    All Material can be crafted at the Plush Maker in the Materials tab.

    I will be adding more in the future to grow this Hylotl's shop. :hylotl:
    22 plush.jpg

    PLEASE NOTE - This is my 1st time doing a mod so do expect it to be maybe a "bit" rusty. Edit: I am getting used to it now so future plushies should be better than old ones. I will update the older ones eventually.
    ANOTHER NOTE - I am getting a bit too many suggestions on my list so for now please don't suggest anything until I clear it out. Thanks!

    No bugs to squash so far!

    - Make Racial Plushies (0/7)
    - Slime Rancher Plushies
    - Make SOME Pokémon Plushies and Cushions
    - Make Racial Pet Plushies in 7 colours (2/7)
    - Make Plushies for every monster in Starbound (7/94)
    - Make a mini store for the Hylotl in the image (sprite done)
    - Rework a few of the sprites such as Snuggets, Rabites and such

    I will be most likely adding in suggested plushies but some may not.

    - Anglure and ship plushies (suggested by Imperitus)
    - Emoticons and Poo plushies (suggested by Mahiaga)
    - multi-coloured Wisper Plushies (suggested by Kyttynjirr)
    - Slimes from Stardew Valley (suggested by Mage of Mist) [Next Up]
    - Pet Orbs from castle Crashers (suggested by Toxic) [2/29]

    Link (all tunics and starting garb) plushie
    Rachet (all armors throughout the first three games) plushie
    Daxter plushies
    Clank plushie
    Chocobo (unarmored, armored, and all types of colors) plushie
    Final Fantasy collection plushines
    Rokcet from gaurdians of the galaxy plushie
    Anime (preferably Heaven's Lost Proberty, Kill la Kill, Rosario + Vampire, K, Ajin, Vampire Knight, Gate) plushies
    Megaman plushies
    Super Smash Bros plushies
    Star Fox plushies

    @shadowd15 for her awesome spriting skills
    and of course you guys for supporting this mod! :D
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


    1. Snugget Plushies.jpg
    2. 20161003214119_1.jpg
    3. snakeplush.jpg
    4. snorggoth.jpg
    5. 20161209150258_1.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. xxbbbluexx
    Version: 2.5
    i love this mod. is so pretty and works fine :) thanks for this beautiful plushies.
  2. Charlatan
    Version: 2.4
    I never personally liked plushies. Until this <3
  3. KPower667
    Version: 2.2
    Great Mod! Simple, yet elegant. A Must-Have for any decorator or collector!
  4. Charlatan
    Version: 2.0
    "Toughness" decreased by 2 skillpoints
    "Manly" decreased by 2 skillpoints.

    "Delighted" increased by- 99999999999 (bluescreen)
    1. WyvernWarrior223
      Author's Response
      "Accuracy" increased by-
      Whoops got carried away there, thanks for the review! ^^
  5. Fizzbutt
    Version: 1.5
    When I saw this mod, I actually squealed with glee. Simple, awesome and for people who collect Stuffies in and out of games, Thank you!
    1. WyvernWarrior223
      Author's Response
      Thanks and your welcome! X3
  6. Kyttynjirr
    Version: 1.4
    An adorable and creative mod that is just too cute not to love. The sprite work is excellent!
    1. WyvernWarrior223
      Author's Response
      At thank you! (This is my first time making pixel art in a LONG time actually, so far so good!)
  7. Crusism
    Version: 1.1
    Another wonderful addition to the 'softer' side of Starbound that is sometimes felt lacking with so much action and epic going around. 5/5

    Great sprite work so far too for the currently available plushies! =)
    1. WyvernWarrior223
      Author's Response
      And this is another wonderful review X3
      Thank you!