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Extended Story

Adds a lot of content to Starbound including weapons, biomes, dungeons, and bosses.

  1. Release - Vitalium

    Lunar Eye Gaming
    *Made vanilla bosses immune to all Extended Story status effects
    *Reduced the amount of Rotten Goop required for Rotten weapons
    *Added a new unique weapon: The Forgeblade
    *Fixed a bug where the player randomly gets sent back to their ship when on a Forgotten world
    *Fixed a bug where the Poison Artifact crashes the game upon use
    *Fixed manually spawning the Destroyer of Worlds crashing the game
    *Updated the color palette of more Infernal and Irradiated stuff
    *Steel Bars have been moved to Industrial Furnace
    *Platinum Bars are now craftable
    *Updated Ancient Forge Sprite
    *Changed icon of Ancient Materials tab in Ancient Forge
    *Changed recipe of Ancient Forge, now requires a new item from a Vault Guardian
    *Moved Bossvault Door to new “Objects” tab in the Ancient Forge
    *Moved Ancient Furnace to Objects tab
    *Moved Dark Matter Pickaxe to Weapons tab
    *Changed the alt ability of the Upgraded Lightning Gun
    *Changed the Ice Artifact
    *Fixed the Supervoid Eye decoys attack not dealing proper amounts of damage
    *Added the Vitalium Relic and its dungeon
    *Changed Ancient One’s sprite
    *Updated several sprites
    *Made Novium Mining Laser and Excavite Manipulator properly craftable at only the Accelerator’s Table
    *Finally fixed Ruinbuster’s death animation
    *Increased drop chance of Annihilator Teleporter by Annihilator Searchers
    *Properly set resistance and weakness for Cryonia
    *Fixed doors opening randomly in the Frozen Dimension monster rooms
    *Fixed Omega the Quantum Sentry not opening the exit door properly on death
    *Changed the behavior of the Ancient One and the Ruinbuster
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