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Extended Story

Adds a lot of content to Starbound including weapons, biomes, dungeons, and bosses.

  1. Release 1.5.4 - Freezing Point

    Lunar Eye Gaming
    *Overhauled the Frozen Dimension
    *Made the Ancient One’s shield deploy only once
    *Replaced the ancient sphere laser with a new alt ability.
    *New alt ability for the Lightning Blade
    *Changed the sprite of the Ancient Gem
    *Ancient Gem no longer requires Refined Violium to craft
    *Changed the sprite of all Modules
    *Changed the way the Sphere Deactivater's region is shown
    *Made Extended Story compatible with Starbound 1.4. Please report any broken weapons as bugs!
    *Removed the Toxoling section from the Irradiated Dimension
    *Made the Irradiated Dimension minibosses immune to status effects
    *Nerfed Toxinia’s defense
    *Added the Rock Vapor Cannon
    *Everything related to the Annihilator no longer requires Destructium bars
    *Nerfed Artificial Trifangles and buff Ruinbuster Drones
    *Rebalanced armor to be independent of the Alternative Armor Scale mod
    *Made the Ancient Hammer’s shading look better
    *Changed the color palette of Nuclear Wasteland and Raging Inferno
    *Completely changed Fire Elementals
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