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Expanded Access Maps 17.0

Access to cliffs, fenced off areas, and otherwise blocked areas.

  1. Allayna
    I got tired of having forage items spawn in areas I couldn't reach, so I dived into map editing for the first time.
    In all the maps posted, I've made static trees live, added berry bushes and choppable trees, removed trash/debris.


    ***New in 17.0***
    Whoop Stardew 1.3 is out of Beta!

    Tons of tile fixes on the farm maps.
    Added water troughs to the couple of farms without water sources, thanks asunai2 for the idea!
    Removed fences and added bridges to the river farm!
    Updated config to allow adding individual farms. They'll default to false.
    Now BugLand is a bit easier to move around in! Removed the round eggs and skulls from the ground, changed to stones you can break!


    **All options are true/false**
    'No Warp' - Turning this on removes the warp between the beach and forest - see Known Issues below
    'Summit' - Turning this on adds access to the summit map
    'Reborn' - Turn this on if you use Summit Reborn
    'Farm' - Turns on the default Farm edit
    'WildernessFarm' - Turns on the Wilderness Farm edit
    'RiverlandFarm' - Turns on the Riverland Farm edit
    'ForestFarm' - Turns on the Forest Farm edit
    'Hill-TopFarm' - Turns on the Hill-Top Farm edit


    ***KNOWN ISSUES*****
    Various villagers will try to use the beach/forest warp and will get stuck on the forest beach area.
    This is due to how the NPC's pathing works, it's something many map modder has tryed to fix.
    Basically you can just tolertate this or turn on the 'no warp' option in the config.

    **On old saves, bushes I've added will not spawn, and bushes that I've removed will be stuck.
    Trees I've added will grow over time as if they have been chopped down.
    This is due to the bushes and trees being part of the save file.
    The mod Entoarox Framework has a command to reset the bushes and trees,
    but the maker of the mod has stated that he will not update his mods for 1.3 until after beta.
    For a temp fix -look for the Optional "bush reset' file here

    **Currently the added ladders are stuck at the vanilla spring color.
    This is due to Content Patcher and the beta not handling added tilesheets with season prefixes.
    As soon as is possible, I will add the seasonalfences in, and I will include an option for a recolor
    to match Eeimieswork and the Toned Down Stardew colors. (and will probably take requests for others :) )


    ***Credit to Backwoods and Bus Stop Tweaks by zanderb14 for the idea of adding ladders to maps!
    ***Seen in screenshots are various recolors/retextures by Eemiestardew (so much pretty stuff!!!!)
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.