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Enhanced Storage 5.8.4

A quality of life mod which improves the whole storage system of Starbound.

  1. Fix for Frackin Universe issue

    • Fixed a rare issue in which Capacity Indicators caused a 'send player back to ship' issue in combination with Frackin Universe.
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  2. Minor fix

    • The slot count of Capture Pod Cupboard is no longer changable with the Container Manipulator Station.
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  3. Minor fix

    • Removed "elderbookstand" and "elderscrolldesk" from supported FU objects
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  4. Hotfix

    • Fixed an issue with the Container Manipulator Station.
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  5. Sorting improvements & update to supported mods

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  6. Fixes

    • Fix for Frackin Universe
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  7. Supported mods updated

    • Updated all containers from the Frackin Universe mod.
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  8. Supported mods updated

    • Updated all containers from supported mods.
      I hope I dont have to do that again in the next time, it was a lot of work, really.
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  9. Manipulator Station Improvements

    • Container Manipulator Station: It is no longer possible to pick up items from input/output slots while processing.
      Both slots are now disabled for mouse interactions. Note: if the player try to move items with shift+click the process also stops immediately.
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  10. Fixes

    • The Container Manipulator Station and Storage Matter Extractor now instantly cancel processing when the input items will be picked up from the player. (should fix a rare item dupe issue)
    • Fixed an issue with the Container Manipulator Station in which the internal script broke when an input item be picked up while processing.