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Earth's Battle Heritage 2.9.5

Earth Weapon Pack

  1. Earth's Battle Heritage 2.7

    Update 2.7

    What's new:
    - Added shields: Russian Specnaz shield, GSG-9 shield and police shield.
    Shields can be upgraded to "Uncommon" rank. In future updates, I will add a few more shields and make it possible to improve them to the " Rare" rank
    Buy shields in the Weapon Store and improve them on the Weapon Table.

    - Added grenades: F1 grenade and world war II German grenade "Stielhandgranate"

    - Improve to the "Rare" rank can now be all submachine guns

    - Corrected position Rare AK-103 in the hands
    - Corrected shooting sound of "Rare AK-103" and "Rare AK-74"
    - Added Colt .45 ACP to Weapon Store
    - Changed energy consumption for some "Rare" rank weapons to prevent them from being unbalanced
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