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Earth's Battle Heritage 2.9.5

Earth Weapon Pack

  1. Earth's Battle Heritage v 2.1

    Update 2.1

    Added new weapon:
    - Mosina Nagant
    - M79 .
    - MGL
    - M1 Garand
    - Mauser C96

    Added mod. versions:
    - MAC-10
    - FN Five-Seven.
    - Glock .
    - MP5K
    - Benelli M3
    - TAR-21.
    - Scorpion .
    - Ithaca 37.
    - Mosin Rifle
    - M1 Garand
    - MGL


    - Prices for modifications in the vending machine
    - Text corrections

    - Weapon table design more pleasant



    1. Screen 1.jpg
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