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Drozolians V 2.10 (Pleased Giraffe)

1950's Atomic Age Crystal People!

  1. Relten
    it's like it never ended.png
    [Undergoing Mass Development]
    Are you tired of looking for a race mod that will fill that retro futuristic void within your very heart? Did you ever wish that you could find a way to find a way you can find a solution to this problem, without the hassle of going through outdated mods day in and day out? Well pal, it appears that you are in luck, as I have a solution to these extremely specific problems!




    image.jpg image.jpg

    In it's current state, This mod contains....
    • Character Customization (Of course)
    • All Armor Tiers
    • Custom Weapons
    • Custom Flag
    • Custom Furniture

    planned features.png
    More Custom items
    Custom Ship Tiers
    Custom Structures
    Custom Tiles and Blocks
    Respawn Animation

    1. Check version on download page
    2. Download file onto compooter
    3. Extract the zip using your favored method of extraction. I prefer WinRAR, but I suppose emergency lobotomy can be an alternative if you can make it work.
    4. Search for the folder that Starbound is located in within your compooter
    5. click on the folder that says mods
    6. Drag file into Mod folder
    7. Congrats, you are now a commie buster too!

    How do I install this modification thing on my computation device?

    Easy, it is called looking up and reading the attached instructions. However, if this is something that you are having problems locating, you can always locate a visual aide instead.

    Is this compatible with the most recent version?

    If you look at when the updates have been issued, the answer will be obvious.

    Is this Fallout?

    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Maxzpain
    Version: V 2.10 (Pleased Giraffe)
    What folder do i Put it in
    1. Relten
      Author's Response
      You unzip it and take out the drozolians folder that is within, then you place it in your mod folder with in the starbound files. If you need help, please use the discussion thread.
  2. Chase_1159
    Version: V 2.10 (Pleased Giraffe)
    I'm always a sucker for Raygun Gothic.
  3. Rust In Peace
    Rust In Peace
    Version: V 00.4
    Each update if fantastic! Its coming along so nicely! I Can't wait to see it when its all nice and done. :)
  4. haynesy566
    Version: V 00.4
    Think I should probably do this :P I love your race, its amazing and certainly what inspired me to start making my own. Keep up the great work and maybe we can collaborate one day! Looking forward to all future updates!!
    1. Relten
      Author's Response
      Why thank you! :D
  5. Kaiachi
    Version: V 00.4
    Every time I download the updates for this mod, I'm always pleasantly surprised. The clothing and decorations are awesome, and the retro and soviet touch is fantastic! :D
  6. Captain Kane
    Captain Kane
    Version: 0.003 (mini-update)
    gg m8 it's 2gud4m3
  7. LaFunginator
    Version: 0.003 (mini-update)
    Love How it has a soviet twist