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Outdated DotaTech 0.4

Bringing Dota 2 to Starbound

  1. Furious Koala support update

    Sorry for the delay, but I believe I know have everything updated to work with Furious Koala. There are no content updates in this version; just the support update.


    Revision History

    == 0.3 ==
    - updated to work with Furious Koala

    == 0.2 ==
    - added the Tinker's Workshop (combines the robotic crafting table and metalwork station and acts as a tabula rasa)
    - added the Bloodseeker's Hood (increases run speed and stops hunger)
    - rebalanced DK's shield
    - removed testing status effect from DK's shield
    - fixed placement issue with the Shopkeeper's Chest (could only be placed in one direction)

    == 0.1 ==
    - initial deployment
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