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Outdated Discontinued (Craftable Bricks) 1.8 (Enraged Koala)

Tell me if you want me to update it again.

  1. Mud mud mud!!!

    My apologies for the late update, Ruselld1. There was a bit of IRL drama, but I finally got it done.

    Mud bricks and cooked mud bricks! Currently, they have green particles. Weird.
    -A whole bunch of random hidden backup files, I'm not goin' through all of them this update.

    ..nothing, I think?

    That's all for now, cya!
  2. Avian tomb bricks and procrastination

    Sorry for the procrastination, I've gotten the update done now. :)

    This update includes:

    - An updated 'readme' file. I think I've got all the recipes in there.
    - You can now smelt girders for steel!
    - Avian tomb bricks can now be made into platforms. If there's a bug relating to this, please tell me and I'll get it all fixed up immediately.
  3. Time to welcome 7 new blocks and a bunch of bugs to the family!

    *Ferozium, Violium, and Impervium bricks & blocks (warning: Impervium blocks are RIDICULOUSLY strong. Even cheat equipment takes a while to mine it. Place at your own risk.)
    *hard glass (Made from a whole block of sandstone, this stuff can block almost a minute of XSmech machine-gun-fire.*)

    *Every single backup file! (they end with ~)

    known bugs:
    *smooth stone places sewer pipes! (I'm just gonna call it a feature for now. I can't seem to find where it's...
  4. just a few minor additions and cleaning

    *the 'readme' file is now updated
    *a few backup files (they end with a ~ sign) deleted

    stone = 2 sand (I think)
    smooth stone = 2 fine sand
  5. fixing the download!

    Apparently, I overlooked the 'version string' while updating... sorry everyone! hopefully it should be working now :)
  6. A bit late, but it's here!

    This update adds:
    *the crafting stations! (apparently I failed to post the right version, so I thought that they were already included. Sorry. :/ )
    *6 new blocks! (rubium, cerulium, and aegisalt blocks and bricks-alloys to come soon!)
  7. Custom Blocks added! woohoo!

    Title says it all. I've just added 6 custom blocks into the mod-but I'm still looking for suggestions and ideas, so please send 'em in! :)
  8. V.1.4 (for Enraged Koala) -crafting stations added!

    I've finally managed to figure out all the problems with my crafting stations and add them in. Also, the blocks are finally in the 'materials' section of the crafting table! (at least the ones still in the crafting table...)