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Outdated Directional Spears [Obsolete!] 3/24/14 - Enraged Koala

The way spears are supposed to work!

  1. ReijiGazpacho
    As of insert new patch here this post, this mod is now obsolete! Spears (as well as axes, shortswords, and daggers) are now directional in vanilla Starbound!

    For versions before new patch:

    Anyone who's used the Moneybags Cane will realize that it's a spear that can stab in any direction. You may be wondering, "Why don't all spears work like that!?" Well, wonder no more! Introducing Tomato Soup Tech's latest innovation: Directional Spears!


    Now every spear in the game has inherited the Moneybags Cane's ability to stab in any direction you like. And when we say "every spear" we mean every* spear. Randomly-generated spears, craftable spears, Tesla Staffs, all changed so you can poke birds right outta the sky!
    *Does not affect already-existing spears.

    No new content is added, so this mod is Vanilla-Friendly! On top of that, you can give your friends these upgraded spears and they will be able to utilize the directional mechanics! You can even uninstall the mod and any directional spears will stay directional!

    Now including mod support! Currently only the Avali race mod is supported, but feel free to point me to other mods that have spears in them, or ask them to implement this themselves.

    Now you may be wondering, How is all this possible? How can I make a weapon "directional"? Well, it's actually nothing more than this merge code:
      "__merge" : [],
      "primaryStances" : {
        "directional" : true
    Feel free to add this to your own weapons, even if they're not spears. Yes, this works with every weapon in the whole game. Swords, hammers, pans, you name it!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Zanster
    Version: 3/24/14 - Enraged Koala
    This is it, i've been waiting for a mod like this since I found a nice spear ingame
    excellent mod sir
  2. Crawford Dale
    Crawford Dale
    Version: 3/24/14 - Enraged Koala
    This mod is extremely useful, and needs to be put ingame.
  3. EpicNomming
    Version: 3/24/14 - Enraged Koala
    God damn, can't believe I overlooked this! I was wondering if some smart person had had the idea to do a mod like this! I always had trouble seeing the point in spears, but this mod makes them great!
  4. ultrament2
    Version: Enraged Koala
    As someone who plays a character who's name is Spear Pierceson, I can honestly and wholeheartedly agree that this mod is 100% worth downloading and installing.
  5. Drakith90
    Version: Enraged Koala
    Great mod! Something something avali something something.
    (Keeping in line with the last two reviews.. )
  6. Psychonus
    Version: Enraged Koala
    Great mod, Would love to see the avali race included too.
  7. Dario0o
    Version: Enraged Koala
    I would love it if only the Spears that the avali race can craft would be included too :/
  8. Dionis_Alvah
    Version: Enraged Koala
  9. Maxiplayer
    Version: Enraged Koala
    Very helpful! Love it
  10. neiroka
    Version: Enraged Koala