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Dimentrex Race Mod 0.3 Resurrection

A people driven off their homeworld by an inter-dimensional horror that spread across the world.

  1. Akari_Enderwolf

    Dimentrex Header Image.png

    The design of the Dimentrex is based loosely on Giratina Origin Form from Pokemon Platinum. The race has 4 limbs on their back(only 2 visible due to sprite limitations) the males point down, while the females point up. The race has some Exo Skeleton parts as well as internal skeletons, the Exo as they call it formed from necessity for survival on their home world. They also have a secondary Exo instead of hair.

    The race is covered in scales and known for being a somewhat ethereal race, having lost much of their ethereal abilities as time progressed with their dimensional research.

    The Dimentrex are a technologically advanced and ancient race. They typically live to be around 2,000 years old, and remain quite able bodied until the last 25 years of life. They possess a endoskeleton and scale-like plates called "Exo's" which provide additional protection

    With this version comes the new ship, a new mech, and the mod is finally up to date again.

    Dimentrex Ship:

    The Dimentrex Starter Mech:


    • racial weapons
    • racial armors
    • new dungeons
    • new villages
    • village guards
    • Plagueborn enemy
    • new codex books(non-starter)
    • Quests
    • new intro

    Things to expect next update:

    • Tier 2 Mech
    • Starting Racial Weapon+Tier 1-4 upgrades
    • Tier 1-4 racial armor

    The mod is tested to work with Kawa's xbawks-mode character creator mod

    Alternate download Here
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


    1. DimentrexT3.png
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Recent Reviews

  1. IHaveCripplingDepression
    Version: 0.3 Resurrection
    I feel unfortunate that this mod is outdated, but i really liked that mod. Just because of one reason:
    Praise be to Lord Giratina.
  2. MChain
    Version: 0.3 Resurrection
    Hah, one pretty much infested planetcracker run by Concordance Extraction? The ship by itself is worth 5 stars ;-)
  3. Drake Wyrm Silverwing
    Drake Wyrm Silverwing
    Version: 0.3 Resurrection
    needs work obviously but i realy like this concept! realy original designs here, love the custom styles like this ship here. hoping this mod get picked up and finished someday!
  4. SilvieSkydancer
    Version: 0.3 Resurrection
    Sprite art needs work, but it's not too bad for (from what I can tell) a first-timer. (Correct me if this isn't your first mod.) The species concept is pretty neat! I like the lore and the design concept is really nice, even if I don't think the spritework really does it justice.
    1. Akari_Enderwolf
      Author's Response
      if you have pointers on how I can improve the sprites, I'd be happy to hear them ^.^ I know I'm not all that good at pixelart right now but I would like to improve.

      This is one of the first major sets of sprite work I have done, yes.
  5. SeekoDestroyer
    Version: 0.3 Resurrection
    Cool concept, but I recommend to atleast have worked on a mod for a while before uploading.
    1. Akari_Enderwolf
      Author's Response
      Oh? I'm open to constructive criticism if there was something I could do better.
  6. Paxtel
    Version: 0.1 Angry Koala
    It's very awesome, but, it still need some refining. But the concept made it deserve a whole 5 star. Good work dud!
    1. Akari_Enderwolf
      Author's Response
      Thanks, I knew going in it would need refining, it is only the first version after all.
  7. Slug
    Version: 0.1 Angry Koala
    Knocked off a star because i really don't like the sprite' head model. Other than that it was neat, origin is neat, ship is neat (love the derelict look) and has potential
    1. Akari_Enderwolf
      Author's Response
      what don't you like about it? out of curiosity.
  8. 2000hackers
    Version: 0.1 Angry Koala
    Nice mod bro. the first pokemon inspired race mod. good job
    1. Akari_Enderwolf
      Author's Response
      Thanks, the lore behind them is only slightly based on the Pokemon that inspired their design, the rest comes from my own story universe from a free horror game I'm working on.

      The symbol on their flag and one of the secondary Exo is actually the "crown" of Giratina.