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Devunillia Race's 1.5.6

They are reptiles... Just kidding all of them are mammals with some mental problem

  1. Clorevelde and new recipes

    I added the Clorevelde as well as a weapon for them called the Magnetic Frost Ball also made my own recipes for the armor
  2. Colors are neat

    You can now change their scale color with their underwear no more only blue scales
  3. Melee weapons

    i have added 3 swords,1 short sword,1 fist,2 spears, a dagger, a axe, and hammer, also fixed some of the furniture recipes
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  4. ship changes

    due to my short memory and me not checking my file i realized i updated more then the ship besides with the lore im making Novakid are the first race the kybin encountered so i updated the armor sprites as opposed to what they were before and all of errors in the sprites i noticed are now fixed
  5. lot of stuff

    i added 6 new weapons and redid the tier 6 sprites a little
    also added 3 or so codex's
  6. Guns and armor

    Added all armor might have to refine the sprites
    Added about 8 or so guns
    K3 Pistol
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  7. first tier 6 stuff

    i added the first of the tier 6 armor and other stuff 20171118135155_1.jpg
  8. tail

    i added their tails now i just need to fix their arms and make it where the color can change
  9. Fixed error plus other

    I am currently working on all armor and a crafting station i also have planned a couple of weapons that should come in the near future
  10. added some more

    added tier 2 and am starting on tier 3 have also added the punching bag monster as the ship pet