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Deerkin Alpha 0.2.1

Bare bones

  1. DrPvtSkittles
    Deerkin Alpha


    Based Rudolph in my Christmas Outfit Pack. https://community.playstarbound.com/resources/skittles-christmas-goodies.5624/

    I had no plans on making this race, however I really do like my Rudolph outfit, it would be a shame not to make a race based on it. This is very early days, I have no idea where to take this mod. I am releasing it now because I feel that some people who use the Rudolph outfit may feel like it is a tease :p

    What this mod has:

    4 antler styles and 1 no antler.
    9 custom fur colours
    10 custom eye colours

    Vanilla tops work, but due to custom legs, the vanilla pants do not.

    Current state is bare bones, no custom anything, unless you count a recoloured vanilla ship, however I am sure you do not. :p

    There are many place holder items, they are subject to change.

    Current stuff that is usable but has a plain sprite:

    All Tier armours - from various races atm
    Custom ship pet - Fennix
    Penguin Merchant (craft at inventors table)
    Race Spawner (purchase at merchant)
    Blank banners (purchase at merchant)
    Basic furniture (purchase at merchant)
    Basic Sword

    Any update I make shouldn't break anything. IF the ship is changed, it will be in the form of an additional mod OR a simple graphical change (the structure wont change, meaning your ship will not break). So take comfort in knowing that you can make a character that won't get canned due to later updates.

    I have no lore or ideas for this mod. I am open to thoughts on what direction to take.

    If you have any suggestions, comments or critiques I would love to hear from you.

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    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Do not include this mod in compilations.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Do not alter or redistribute the assets included in this mod.


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