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Outdated Dark Matter Mod 2013-12-16

ore,bar,full armor

  1. JediLord
    sorry no image yet will have one when its updated to pure DM this adds dark matter ore by crafting copper iron n silver ore togeather at crafting table then dark matter ore can be used as fuel or made to bars (also add fuel) at anvil they can be turnt to armor legs an head update will include pure DM armor legs head along with ore n bar with hopes of weapon

    to install : simply unzip to mods i have yet to figure the no new char thingy so player.config add
          { "item" : "darkmatterarmorchest" },
          { "item" : "darkmatterarmorpants" },
          { "item" : "darkmatterarmorhead" },
          { "item" : "dmore" },
          { "item" : "dmbar" },