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CuteBound 0.99n

Cute-ification of every playable races of Starbound

  1. Clean up


    - Removed leftover/unnecessary files and folders
    - Removed config files that were identical to vanilla
    - Converted all configs into patches (should fix most oddities and incompatibilities with other mods)
    - Optimized existing patches
    - Reduced the images size significantly (using lossless compression)
    - Modified a character creator label for Humans from "Underwear" to "Eye Colour"
    - Added in haircuts that were originally intended to only replace another mod's hair
    - Added a new...
  2. 1.4 fix

    Fix for a few files that went missing for some reason
    also reduced mod priority to 1
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  3. 1.4 support (wip)

    lacking Noble's portrait
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  4. armor and clothes

    Lots of updated armor and clothes for all races, torso mostly but some other things too
  5. lil fixes

    Some fixes there and there, a couple changes in body sprites + face expression
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  6. small change to bodies

    more changes to come
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  7. Correction

    Corrected the Apex AI problem, there's still animation to do on them though
    changed a couple more clothes
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  8. Reuploading

    Looks like i managed to fug up somewhere :nuruconfused:
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  9. Version 0.99b

    Big update here

    -Novakids have been cute-ified
    -Humans now have eye colors but some fix might need to be done
    -Most of the npc have had their facelift, a few still needs to be changed
    -Updated all AI graphics for every races, for now they are all the same but i'm still thinking about doing different ones for each race
    -most of the cinematics have been updated too, some are still lacking like credits photos

    And probably some other things i forgot
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