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Crew Customization + 5.61

Fully customize inidivual armor, items and uniform worn by your crew.

  1. Many fixes

    -Added "Disable" button, stops crew from spawning at the ship, after re-enabling, reload the ship for them to spawn. (Currently not available, I'll keep trying to get it to re-spawn them)
    -Fixed some bugs that could cause errors when a new crew member was added.
    -Fixed item slots keeping items from other members when selecting another one.
    -Made newly recruited member's gear be available. (Can be copied with the lock button and clicking)(Penguins don't work because they are jerks)
    -Fixed "Reset" button randomizable uniform not being random.
    -Fixed "Reset" button not clearing slots.
    -Fixed non-uniform killing newly-recruited crew and not working.
    -Fixed non-uniform not updating uniforms of player's list.
    -Fixed some minor bugs when reading uniform from newly recruited crew.
    -Better reading of augments, faster equipping and unequipping.
    -Better code for status reading and displaying, now supports all resistances.
    -Made a "Fancier" status display, supports custom color, bg-image and text.
    -Not all resistances have "Fancy" text, have to be manually added.
    -Now displays list of current effects on status.
    -Now displays the current "shield" amount on-top of the healthbar. (status.statusProperty("damageAbsorption") & status.statusProperty("maxDamageAbsorption"))
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