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Outdated Craftable Merchant NPC Spawners 1.2 stupid typo fix

Makes NPC Merchant Spawners craftable, and adds an Avian Airship Quartermaster Spawner too.

  1. Star-X
    This mod fills a niche that I felt could have been further expanded upon. It adds expensive recipes to craft NPC Merchant spawners to Tier 3 (in other words, Gamma sector and beyond, to be clear). They're craftable at a Metalworks Station, and all of them cost 4000 pixels and 20 titanium bars.

    In addition to the standard NPC Merchant spawners, I've also added an Avian Airship Quartermaster (aka Gun seller) Spawner to the game, which is craftable like all the other merchant spawners. Note that because of the way it's coded, spawning one on a ship, regardless of the ship's position, will result in a tier 1 gun shop. It's best used on a planet of the tier you want, rather than on the ship, as otherwise the guns' damage will be absolutely pathetic for Tier 3 and up.

    Pictures are below:
    I tried to get a pic of the recipe, but the damn game refused to keep the recipe window open, so just know that all of the above spawners require 20 titanium bars and 4k pixels.

    Alternate DL link, in case the Starbound DL servers are broken: http://www.nexusmods.com/starbound/mods/200/?

    1.2: Accidentally named the recipes directory "recipies". No wonder it didn't work. Fixed now.
    1.1: Updated to Angry Koala and changed player.config to the merging system for better compatibility.
    1.0: Initial release for Offended Koala.
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Recent Reviews

  1. oniya
    Version: 1.2 stupid typo fix
    great job!
  2. Kartag
    Version: 1.2 stupid typo fix
    Great mod. Now I can finally populate my mothership.