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Copper light 2017-06-27

Copper light

  1. p6kocka
    957201775_preview_20170627150830_1.jpg 957201775_preview_20170627150934_1.jpg View attachment 185061 Torches are goog. But. Wait a minute.... Aren´t we in space running in super sci-fi titanium armors and flying in a spaceship?
    I decided to make a mod that adds another cheap torch like light source.


    I think, it fits better to this game. You need to craft it in the Industrial Workbench from 1 copper bar, 2 copper wires and 1 glass. You´ll get 5 copper lights.
    Copper can be find everywhere. Glass is crafted from sand and this again occurs everywhere.... So it shouldn´t be hard to craft it.
    Copper light should be seen as another torch alternative.
    Copper light is already edited as one handed item.
    Copper light is also slightly brighter than torch. Take a look at the screenshots.
    I have enabled @TanzNukeTerror´s lightning in this mod, so obstacles will cast shadows. This can eventually drop FPS by many light sources. When required, I´ll make a version without lightning.

    Enjoy and don´t forget to endorse if you like it. View attachment 185060 View attachment 185060 View attachment 185061
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