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Cooking with Trinsic 2.1

More cooking recipes

  1. Casserole edition

    A double handful of new recipes, including a number of casserole type dishes.
    Wartweed Casserole, Tuna Casserole, Canapes, and Man n Cheese for vanilla. Jilly Pie, Varanberry Smoothie, Blizzberry Shake, and Million Mushroom Casserole for Frackin.
  2. New crops!

    Hopefully the file will actually upload properly this time.
  3. New crops!

    After a long delay, a new update has arrived. This includes two new crops along with some new recipes that use them.

    There were also a few tweaks to some old recipes. Most notably, Matzo Ball Soup has been moved to the Frackin add-on. If you had some and only used the base pak, they will become generic items. Sorry.
  4. Now with support for Frackin Universe

    Added another recipe (gumbo), but the main change is adding a companion mod .pak for FrackinUniverse. That mod will have recipes using the plants and foods found in the FrackinUniverse mod and will require it to work. So far it just adds three recipes (Apple Pie, Peach Cobbler, and Pear Fritter) but I'll be expanding that to make use of the wide variety of farmable crops added by FrackinUniverse.

    All of the basic recipes remain in the basic CookingWithTrinsic mod and can be used with or...
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  5. Cheesecake edition!

    Cheesecake recipes are now included! Gives you something to do with all of the pearlpea and pineapple jams.

    Besides all the cheesecakes, also added grape jelly and sweet and sour chicken as an 'upgrade' to fried chicken.

  6. Typo fix!

    Fixed the misspelling of spaghetti and also added a recipe for matzo ball soup, giving another use for poultry.
  7. Now with Fried Chicken!

    Added a few miscellaneous recipes:
    Fried Chicken
    Apple Sauce
    and a second crafting recipe for the base game's Fruit Salad.