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Cheeze's Weapon Pack v2.6.0.1 Vaporizer fixes

A weapon pack made by Cheezemaniac, it contains a variety of weapons.

  1. v2.6 Eruption update

    Where do I begin.
    First of all the incompatibilities with the liquid guns mod should be resolved.
    Secondly I've added an amazing new sword for those who love volcano's, it's called the Eruption, I won't spoil it this time, be sure to check it out if you get your hands on it!
    Thirdly I've revamped the Ferozium Katana, Naginata and Tanto since electric weapons seem to have become kind of disadvantageous. I've decreased their base damage a little bit..., I have however give them a decent bonus to attack speed(overal dps should be a bit higher to compensate).
    Oh... I almost forgot.
    Fourthly I've also changed the Mega Liquid Nitrogen gun and the Ultra Liquid nitrogen gun into the Mega Liquid Acid gun and the Ultra Liquid Plasma gun, they remain mostly the same in function but they are like 10 times cooler now so that helps.

    Please Enjoy!

    Please remember to also REMOVE your old installment, it should speak for itself but I'm just saying.
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