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Cheeze's Weapon Pack v2.6.0.1 Vaporizer fixes

A weapon pack made by Cheezemaniac, it contains a variety of weapons.

  1. Guns from Megacorp.

    Out on exploring our dear Novakid Cheeze came in contact with a strange organisation called Megacorp. They provide weapons, for bolts.
    TBH, Ratchet and Clank weapons fit in too well with Starbound.

    I've added.
    The Megacorp Anvil.
    The Lancer (automatic pistol shooting fiery shots)
    The Gravitation Bomb (A bomb launcher)

    I've got a variety of ways to distribute these weapons in the future.
    1.- Include them in my Cheeze's Weapon Pack.
    2.- Create a new topic and modpack for these weapons.
    3.- Host a variety of different assets on this page.
    4.- Make a reference free pack as an optional download.

    I'm personally the most fond of option 1 since that brings everyone the mod as I intended it. But I can understand if people want original gameplay.
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