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Outdated Cephalopods Race (Squid people) V. 2.1

The aquatic race that used to live alongside the Hylotl.

  1. Telmish
    (Squid people)


    A quick background I came up with:

    A grumpy but strong race the Cephalopods once lived in the same seas as the Hylotl. The Cephalopods were the protectors of the Hylotl, but the Hylotl's kind nature and strong urge to share their culture drove the Cephalopods insane. Squid after squid started moving away from the Hylotl until there were few to none left. Everything went fine until the Floran attacked the planet. There were too many Floran and too little Cephalopods. The Hylotl and Cephalopods got evicted from their planet. Up until this day the Hylotl blame the Cephalopods for the loss of their planet.

    Any ideas (Clothes, lore, etc) or comments are appreciated.
    Also criticism is welcome, but be nice.

    To install this mod simply put the folder 'Cephalopods' into your 'mods' folder then download Xbwaks Character Creation Mod and put the folder called 'xbox' in your mods folder.



    V. 1:
    - Added 5 headshapes
    - Added a custom starter quest
    - Added images for character creation menu
    - Added specific responses to the Cephalopods for the already excisting NPC villagers.

    V. 1.1:
    - Fixed crash issue.

    V. 1.2:
    - Xbawks Character Creation Mod compatible.
    - Added 3 more headshapes/hairstyles.

    V. 2.:
    - Re-did sprites

    -Added more skin colors
    -Added the option to change eye color
    -Added the option to change face marks color
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Reptilian
    Version: V. 2.1
    I love the idea of playing as a squid the only thing I might add is its own ship maybe shaped like an out stretched squid and some more customization and its own villages and blocks but overall it is an excellent mod with an amazing lore and it is fun to play great job
  2. DoctorToad
    Version: V. 2.1
    Very nice race!
  3. Dirty Cephalopod
    Dirty Cephalopod
    Version: V. 1.2
    How could I not try this race, given my username?
    A good race even as it is now, but I am looking forward to seeing all the extra fluff like clothing, ship, and lore. I agree the greco-roman theme is a great idea.
  4. Dozer
    Version: V. 1.2
    Well done Thanks for the nice mod =)
  5. Pocket_Panther
    Version: V. 1.2
    Maybe a Roman theme of clothing? I.E Togas?
    I think togas would look nice on squid, and maybe their Impervium could be octopus themed? Say the head, a classic squid theme helmet, and then the body sprouts tentacles and the leggings are just classic legs?
    1. Telmish
      Author's Response
      That's a really good idea, I was already leaning towards the Roman theme since I havent seen that yet. Thanks!
  6. teihoo
    Version: V. 1.2
    They're lovely! Good job :)
    And the tentacle hands sound like a great idea, go for it! Each hand as a tentacle also shouldn't be that much of a problem, except ... making it look nice :D
    1. Telmish
      Author's Response
      I will be working on it a lot this weekend. Bit busy with school atm so there won't be too many updates.
  7. Mö-WLP
    Version: V. 1.2
    Thanks, now it works perfectly! awesome mod! :DD
  8. Mö-WLP
    Version: v. 1
    It IS a good race-mod, but it doesen't work for me. I've installed Xbawk's mod and this mod but it doesen't show up in-game :/
    1. Telmish
      Author's Response
      I'm terribly sorry, I uploaded the wrong file. lol
      I fixed it now!