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Outdated Celestar Race 0.3.0 Upbeat Overhaul

This mod adds a vibrantly colorful race of extragalactic nomads to the game.

  1. Celestar - Beta Wave

    Fff-...inally. The Celestar mod should now be completely functional with the Upbeat Giraffe update. I'm sorry it took so long, but there was a lot of stuff to work with (plus my modem of 5 years finally kicked the bucket).

    Anyway, below is a list of all the major changes I made and hopefully didn't forget. Feel free to test the heck out of the mod and let me know if I managed to forget something or broke something.

    Also, given the significant amount of changes to certain things, it is...
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  2. Small Additions

    Holy crap an update, kind of lost the mood to play Starbound for a bit which meant I wasn't working on this mod at all.

    To kind of shake the dust off a bit I mostly stuck to adding aesthetic items and a few other changes. Hoping to get back into continuing the armor at some point, but I figured I'd start with simpler stuff first.

    The biggest change in this update is a redesigned starship. With the eventual release of upgradable ships I figured I'd shrink down the Celestar's spacecraft to...
  3. Armor Pt. 1 - Helmets

    I've begun updating the armor visuals beginning with the helmets. All helmets have received some changes to the description files as well as a full overhaul to their appearance (excluding T1 which only saw slight color changes and T2 which was only slightly altered).

    I am including an image at the bottom of the overview tab that shows what all the new helmets look like in their proper metal colors.

    I also attempted to begin making decorative items, but haven't quite figured out how to get...
  4. Small Tweaks and Fabricator

    This update is mostly tweaks and adjustments to existing items and equipment.

    Tweaked sound effects on the Tier 4 - 10 energy weapons so that they actually sound like energy weapons when swung. They now also release an appropriately colored energy bolt instead of the small energy burst they used to have which will serve as the projectile effect until I design some more weapon-specific ones.

    Adjusted the appearance of three of the four starting outfits to improve their appearances.
    • ...
  5. Food and Produce

    Any new Celestar characters created from now on will spawn with a new seed item called Ambervine Seeds. These replace the current use of Pearlpea Seeds as a placeholder. Please note that they are currently not found growing wild so you have to create a new character to obtain the new seeds and food items.

    Ambervine Seeds take roughly 25 minutes to grow (I used grape seeds as a base) and when harvested have a chance to give the following items:
    • 1 Ambervine, 2 Ambervine Seeds
    • 1...
  6. Weapon Design Completion

    As of this update, the appearances of all weapons are considered complete. The only thing that will change in the future will be the electric energy burst that each Tier 4 and up weapon releases which I will be customizing based on the weapon class (and perhaps the final Tier or two for extra awesome).

    The new broadsword design now features a feather and wing theme and were inspired partly by the bat'leth, but less aggressive looking and weighted more to one side. As with all Celestar...
  7. Quick Fix

    Fixed a typo in the T10 chest armor, preventing the torso from displaying.
  8. Staves (Hammers) and Spears

    - Finished up the hammers (which I call staves in the item descriptions) because they were almost finished already. Mainly added the pommel that all Celestar weapons will have as well as power cells below the cloud decoration that they are all themed with.

    - As with all Celestar weapons, Tier 4 through 10 hammers utilize a short-range electric burst that I will be customizing in the future. Aside from the power cells to show they're energy weapons, the 4 through 10 hammers also have an...
  9. Typo Fix

    Just fixed a typo that was making one of the axes show up under two different in-game search entries.
  10. Axes and Misc.

    - You should no longer have to switch out a file to make the mod compatible with whatever character creation mod you use (tested with Xander's and Kawa's). As long as you have a character creation mod installed in the first place the Celestar race should appear. Also, I changed the filetype for the archive to a .zip format so more people can use my mod.

    - I also started a framework to make all Celestar weapons utilize an electric elemental charge of sorts. Currently only axes have the...