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Castlevania 1.3.2

Objects ripped from Castlevania games + a few misc things

  1. kitchen table fix

    fixed cookingtable so it doesnt crash anymore.
    thx goes to Viral the Nightmare for the report
  2. deed updt

    -added deed
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  3. 2.1

    this update was supposed to be bigger, but some things took much more time than expected (like PRICES :facepalm:). so here the changelog:

    -added tags
    everything weapon related has 'combat' tag; skulls, blood and so on (some paintings as well) are 'spooky'; wall signs have 'commerce'; food related things got 'cooking' etc.
    heres the quick testing room to get merchant:

    -added prices
    now that u can sell everything, prices are needed so u cant cheat.
    hopefully they...
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  4. anchor fixes

    -fixed all (hopefully) anchor points. for those who has no idea what it is, heres an example:
    basically it means objects can be placed closely together
    i may have missed smth since there are more than 400 items, so feel free to post a bug or smth.

    IMPORTANT PART: unfortunately some items that are already placed will be misplaced or may disappear completely, so u better make a screenshot before installing this fix.
    (this concerns other fixes as well)

    on the...
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  5. 2.0

    another update, lots of editing on this one...
    -new thingies (some are pretty yummy :cookie:)
    27.png 28.png

    -fixed some old stuff (statue with bird, windows 2 & 3 and maybe smth else)

    -the amount of items makes it quite difficult to navigate, so added a few more tabs:
    *chair tab (tables, chairs, bed, cupboards, curtains, basically furniture tab)
    *door tab (stuff for building: blocks, doors, flooring, columns, platforms, windows etc.)...
  6. 1.9

    i was hoping to get one really big update, but that was too much for me :(
    so i decided to split it. heres whats new:
    -some things:
    25.png 26.png 24.png 23.png

    -a few fixes
    -some objects are now solid, since i finally know how to do this:
    iceblock, books6, debris, all blocks and flooring. all i can remember for now
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  7. 1.8

    -new items
    21.png 22.png
    -more dyeable things (listed on the main page)
    -some tweaks to old stuff

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  8. conflict fix

    -fixed a conflict with stained glass mod

    thx goes to KazanaAoi for helping me sort it out

    note: if u have put clear glass somewhere, it may be a good idea to remove it before installing this fix. u never know about these things :cautious:
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  9. 1.7.1 small fixes

    -made some items smaller so they better fit in starbound universe
    -fixed clearglass overlapping some vanilla blocks (thx goes to eLe for the idea)

    all feedback welcome as always
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  10. 1.7 Dyemod support

    -more items
    upload_2015-5-25_15-40-47.png upload_2015-5-25_15-41-0.png

    -added dyemod support. more on that on the main page

    -added invisible light, i found it useful for making screens (like above)
    and in combination with invisible scanner i can make smth silly like this:

    -this object upload_2015-5-25_15-52-1.png was renamed (it was 'smallredchair' which makes no sense, since its dyeable now and not that...
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