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Castlevania 1.3.2

Objects ripped from Castlevania games + a few misc things

  1. 2.7

    -a bit more objects:
    -most wall and background objects are tweaked so they can be placed almost anywhere;
    if they are still cant be placed, put clear glass (painted white) as a background

    unfortunately some things will despawn and will have to be replaced
    (stairs and stairs2, wallstatue2 (gargoyle), wallsign6 - those definitely will)

    -added different gradient to some tiles as a little experiment:
    brightness goes like this: red (the...
  2. 2.6

    new things:
    -added door1 (looks like teleporter door), it doesn't auto open each time player passes by (can still be opened by interacting)

    -special glass is turned into black tiles while painted black (for those times u need pitch black area around smth)

    -added variants of windows4 and 5, designed for exteriors, both can be turned on and off (for other windows, black tile i mentioned above may do the trick)

    -added couple more...
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  3. couple of fixes

    -fixed kitchen items show up in cooking table menu
    thx goes to NaturesWitness

    -fixed coffin2 not working properly
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  4. 2.5

    2.5 is here!

    whats new:
    37.png 36.png
    pretty undertale pics are from here http://foop-mcfawn.deviantart.com/

    -fog is toggleable and has nodes (it works but takes a while to switch on and off)

    -green chest castlevaniachest2icon.png doesnt sell stuff anymore, instead its an object
    so u may wanna delete chestwithstuff before installing this
    (nothing bad should happen if u leave it, except for a few errors in logs)

    -new tab...
  5. 2.3.4

    EDIT: the file on mediafire says 2.3.4, but its really 2.4, got confused with numbers

    new things:


    to make elevators work like on the gif, connect elevator switches to 'X or' switch,
    and then connect 'X or' thing to the elevator.
    like this:
    invisible Xor switch is included in the mod, vanilla switch can be crafted

    -shields are back

    -new 'kitchen' tab

    -dinner table...
  6. fixed tags

    finally found why tenants wont spawn with modded objects, they changed 'tags' to 'colonyTags' ... in every object file :facepalm:
    i think im starting to see why the game takes ages to finish :nurutease:
    (thank god for notepad++ and its replace in all files function)
  7. gg update

    another fix for the new giraffe:
    -sound files are renamed to ogg (first i wasnt too happy about changing all the files, but then i figured one of devs had to do the same, and theres muuuuch more files to change in the whole game than in my little mod :))

    -added tiny wall switch

    -added 4 vanilla pickaxes (ive no idea why theres no option to craft them anymore, they are kinda helpful at start)
  8. unstable giraffe fix (imagine the unstable giraffe...)

    small fix to make the mod run on unstable version. however to do this i had to remove shields, so u may wanna remove them before installing this fix.

    also added smth nice to temmy painting (its toggleable dont worry :D)

    another little note: if u use this with glad giraffe, all items that use vanilla sounds (candles for instance) will be silent (they changed all sounds from wav to ogg)

    so basically u dont need this fix unless u use unstable giraffe.

    (or if u really...
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  9. 2.3

    not the biggest update, but definetely one of the most difficult (portal animations and stuff like that)
    Some notes:

    -added the owl from ecclesia, one of my favourite objects so far. huge thanks goes to
    Wellbott for basically figuring out how to make separate animations (also for bearing with silly me :nuruhappy:)
  10. 2.2

    2.2 is rdy for uploading :)

    - new stuffies

    some details:

    - new trader is here, right now he's only selling stuff. if no one minds ill remove the green chest later

    - finally added huge clocktower clock. they dont sync with anything, but they tick.
    (it may get annoying after some time, so its toggleable)
    if anyone knows how to make em sync with game time or windows time,
    let me know, however i think it's a huge pain to do.

    - added portal. it doesnt require a...
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